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Writing is like breath to me. When I release word onto page, I am filled with contentment in return. The breath of writing, I have discovered, is a requirement of my sanity.

Early in my experience of writing, I won grand prize in third grade for a K-8 school poetry contest. Four lines. It was at the ripe old age of eight that I learned what plagiarism is. Being interrogated by the Principal, his Assistant and my third grade Teacher was a life changing experience. They did not believe the poem to be mine. I was very small. They were very tall. After receiving the highest award the school offered, there were no more submissions from my hand.

As a 6th grader, I sat in my room and wrote scripts for my favorite television show. After many tries, I finally had the masterpiece I was looking for. I found my courage, the studio address, then asked my mom for a stamp and envelope. With sealed envelope in hand, I heard the lead actor shot himself. Four decades later, the screenwriter in me found air again when I wrote Tangled Webs screenplay - that was after a futile six-year search for someone else to write it.

Writing television scripts on notebook paper felt as natural to me as writing stories and poetry. I had no angst, no hesitation and didn’t wonder with notions of nonacceptance. The suicide of someone I didn't know was a brutal life reality that snuffed the life out of inspiration. It is an experience that has shaped how I have mentored others through inspiration and the drive behind the development of Engaged Quantum Health, The Key, The Lemurian Return and Lemurian Alchemy programs and services that promote confidence and self-empowerment.

My life is inspired now and I write prolifically. With fiction, non-fiction and illustrated books now published, I dusted off my innate story-telling skills and have returned to screenwriting both feature-length and television scripts. I love my stories and have many to tell. Fiction and Screenwriting just happen to be my favorite form of conversation.

Ruth Evelyn


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