ISBN-10: 1492104876
ISBN-13: 978-1492104872
SoftCover: 172 pages    

Quantum Orgasm:
A Celebration of Woman in the Sexual Freedom of Self

When you understand the relationship between your Spirituality and your Sexuality, you reclaim the Whole Power of Your Life!

Did you know Spirituality and Sexuality are the same on the frequency of energy becoming matter? Non-physical and Physical merge in the human body at the perineum – where your quantum knowing meets your physical senses.

In the world of unseen language of light, sound and tone are infinitesimal particles vibrating and coming together  to eventually become matter. When that tone is resonant with you, those particles gather themselves to you, magnifying the beliefs and believes you protect within you. When the truth of who you are does not agree with what you are protecting within, Quantum Orgasm – where spirituality and sexuality become one – cleanses and releases all that is not your true nature.

Recognizing and accepting this powerful energy within your own human system and experience, is the key to your own centered beingness.

Mentoring women and men through her self fulfillment program, Engaged Quantum Health, Ruth Evelyn repeatedly found herself in spiritual conversation about the spiritually healthful affects of sex, sexuality and intimacy within the connection of living in true authenticity. Addressing the the relationship of sexuality and spirituality with the beneficial development of true nature expressing fully in the modern life, Ruth Evelyn has put that conversation into writing.

"This book is important! We can no longer fake our lives in these changing times. Bravo, Ruth Evelyn, for bold guidance of our inner dialogue to change relationship on so many levels." Herminia Florimon, BAP, Self Development Counselor

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