Be Well

A few days ago, I had a myriad of complexities that didn’t come together in the timing and manner I wished they had. In fact, you could say things pretty much fell apart in one fell swoop of time and timing that left my Angelic friends simply stating, “Oh my! That didn’t go very well.”

In the aftermath of being dashed to the ground where well-ordered plans burst into disarray, life can be either very bleak or very comical. The somewhere in between is where the clean-up happens.

Turning to my Guides in a “What just happened?” moment, they claimed full responsibility. Say what? I claim ownership for the errors in my life – practically daily. For this particular experience, I crossed all my t’s, dotted all my i’s and did all that I humanly knew to do to meet this specific point on my path. Although, I may have blamed them a time or two – likely more – I don’t recall such blatant Angelic ownership of a hiccup in my human experience. Hmmmm…

Fortunately, I didn’t fall into the bleak layers of emotional upset. However, there was a tinge of seriousness about the situation that kept me from laughing heartily. Once the initial shock of confusion diminished, I could feel the potential of momentum again, then launched right into clean-up mode. Making a list of the key factors, I looked to my inner guidance for the steps to take and all I got back was, “Be Well.”

Be Well. I’ve been down this road before. Inner Guidance echoes Be Well, I realize I’m not centered, breathe a sigh of relaxation, feel better and I smilingly state, “Willingly.” This time, something had changed. I was wholly centered, then realized I was in my Be Well state already. There wasn’t anything for me to do to get there, so…now what?

When Being Well is no longer a goal and has become a normal state of being, the ‘game’ has changed in your life. The old tricks used to derail self-sabotage as you manifest Being Well no longer apply. The trick now is to stay active in those things that maintain the state of Being Well everyday without delineation.

It took a bit of time before I realized I had no more to do to become well. It’s been a long journey of  focused achievement into happiness, love and kindness throughout my internal and external worlds. A little over a year ago, the path shifted into a focus of Well-being. Six months ago, when the journey into Well-being turned into the journey of Being Well, I held myself in momentary suspension as I resisted the ongoingness of it all. Sometime in the last few months, the energy of Being Well just slipped in without my awareness, has been working on my automated patterns and, here I am now – Being Well.

The state of Being Well that I’m feeling at this moment is one of calm, ease with the beingness of strength, contentment and the quietness I find in the center of Joy. It’s an easy sense of movement where manifestations pop out of nowhere because there is nothing disturbing the emotional waters. Being Well is where manifestation and living is effortless.

So, the inner guidance was to Be Well in the midst of broken promises. Angelic or human, broken promises are a common experience throughout humanity. While it may be somewhat easy to Be Well in a moment of astonishment or stunned confusion as pieces of life fall apart, there comes a point when reality sets in and the pieces have to be dealt with. How does one maintain ongoing Being Well in the aftermath and throughout the days and weeks of living life?

Being Well isn’t just about being. In the normal state of a life, we can’t just OM our way through our days and declare mind, body and life as Being Well. We have things to do, people to see and dreams to manifest. Being Well is the action state of Well-Being.

To achieve Being Well, first call in and allow Well-Being to work its way into your life in every crevice and crack of your mind, body, heart and energy field. When you fully commit to Well Being’s presence, it will enter into your atomic layer, work its way throughout your body and life, turning unwell states, thoughts and choices into well states, thoughts and choices – automatically – until, one day your life suddenly changes into Being Well. Then, it’s your turn. With Well-Being established in your physical and non-physical experience, the state of Being Well is wholly determined by the choices you make and no longer determined by genetic inheritance.

In the state of Being Well, your actioned maintenance for its longevity is in doing the activities that support wellness in you. In my own moment of crisis, jumping into panic or solution mode was neither the guidance nor what took place. Rather, the action of my own Be Well space led me into relaxation through playing with my new puppy, helping my Sister with some unexpected home construction, a bit of exercise, happiness conversations (that had nothing to do with difficulty), interesting meals, laundry, watering plants and writing. And, there, in the well of beingness, the solution surfaced – unexpected, out of the blue and from a direction I never would have considered as available to me.

This is what Being Well looks like. It is a choice and a reality. Do everything you can to make it happen for yourself. You’ll be very glad you did!

Be Well.

Ruth Evelyn

New Paradigm . New Legacy

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