Betwixt and Between

A few days ago, I found myself in conversation about generational transitions with a Woman in her late 30’s. Referring to herself as part of a Silent Generation, the discussion considered those born in the years at the end of one generation and the beginning of a new generation. Intrigued first by the name, then by the content of our conversation, I did some research.

Discovering the term The Silent Generation referred to those born in the late 1800’s, I searched for an already-stated term for those who claim no kin to their generational siblings. I found none. Considering the best way to reference those born in the transition of time, the terms Bridge Generation and Transition Generation came to mind – as did, Shift Generation, UnLabeled Generation. Reading articles of a few who have written about their own experience of being in-between their generational familes, I mostly found anger and feelings of lost.

My research suddenly became a quest.

Never feeling the fit of generational descriptors, these millions of individuals are in the between – a place of transition and without ownership of those in their surrounding generational experience. Unfortunately, a growing number are, in actuality, feeling lost and out of sorts. Understanding my own experience  of existing between the many factions, facts and realities of social normalcy all around and throughout my life (see An Unseen Life), no new generational term I could come up with really seemed to describe the totality or value a between position calls for.

You see, living betwixt and between generational dictates, you are the position of Change-Maker.  Your life has, in essence, been born as an element of rejection where you have – human consciousness has  – decided you’re not going to buy into the momentum the world has taken on. That previous energy has run its course or is already established and it’s now time to move into a new phase. Abrupt endings are rare in the collective structure, so you – and the millions born near your birth time – are part of the new mind.

Betwixt and Between is, in reality the greatest experience of freedom, opportunity and creative expansion. Your singular ungrouping is a place of transition. You are – your life is – a transition of new thought, new perspective and an opening for a new generation to come in and renew the human spirit. You, and the millions around the world also born in transitional times, are the element of betwixt and between where ideas evolve into the new course and new road for the next evolution of human experience.

Rather than fitting into a single generation, you fit into all generations. You’ve actually won the evolutionary lottery by never fitting in because you are gifted the element of observation and choice.  Your un-labeled heart is untethered to its singular generation in history. You’ll likely enjoy more elements of every generation than those wholly established in specific generational givens. You’re openness to understand the evolving patterns as one generation ends and others begin, elevates our humanity. It is your allowing spirit that gives us permission to refresh and rebirth. While many would like life to remain generationally loyal and comfortable, we really do thank you for not keeping us entrenched and stuck in our ways.

When you feel you don’t fit, there is purpose and you are not lost. Whether fit, for you, is in the family matrix, a community or a generation of peers, you comprehend the necessitated benefits each expansion the generational mind has in connection with our evolving technology, cultural dexterity and innovative resolutions to healthfully sustain our expanding populations. You intuitive sense better ways exist.

While some born in transitional times would like to feel themselves at home in a generational group, know that you are the change-agent life itself has called for in the betterment of our evolving course of evolution. Your unique position in society allows you to view the benefits of both generations on either side of you. You bring forward what does work from previous generations into the next generation.

Rather than sensing displacement, consider the open freedom you have to observe and teach, choose what you relate to and remain flexible in knowing the value of all generational gifts each phase of our humanity brings us. Your paradigm-shifting experience of Betwixt and Between that is seen by you as good and acted upon by you to uplift our human experience is the foundation for all future Change-Makers to emulate.

You are the cause of change in our world!

Ruth Evelyn

New Paradigm . New Legacy

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