Chicken or the Egg…

Does the external environment create the human experience? – or – Does the internal world create the external environment?

In my experience, the external world heavily influenced my internal experience – until – I took the reigns (often holding on for dear life) and understood the greater impact of my internal environment to change my external experience. The journey is complex! It was in the integrated balancing of my internal world within me that I gained access to the greatest magnetic force my human body already exists in – my own electromagnetic field. It was then I stepped into an entirely new paradigm.

If we are to stay ahead of our advancing technology, humans must increase their knowledge of – and access to – their own holographic electromagnetic field (see Your Dimensionality). This environment – that exists all around you – is where you align, connect, attune and access your greater intelligence. It is the domain of You where you will – with consistent communication – understand and action your own purpose, reason and true self expression.

Through this field of holographic energy, your true, whole and consistent support is the systemic perfection of well-being. It is the compelling force and ease of your natural voice. And, it contains all the knowledge that delivers you to your version of happiness, joy, contentment and love. Access to it is becoming easier. Not accessing it – staying closed to your higher self to know and be the you that you are – is becoming more difficult throughout the human experience.

The chaos in our external world is no accident. Nor is it a surprise to the unseen energies running our individual and collective experience. You see, we’ve raised the vibration of the planet and the planet has raised the vibration of humans in return. And, we’ve co-created momentum of potent increase. The current fallout is the hidden stuff in our human experience that does not resonate with the new frequencies now measurable in our planet’s frequential rate of electromagnetic light – our consciousness (see Schumann Resonance).

While it can appear our global humanitarian efforts are threatened, cultural dexterity is now suppressed and freedoms are being stripped, there is an underlying force that remains steadfast in support of our  continued forward movement. The never-failing momentum of Light increasing in the trajectory of healing, love and peace – our collective well-being.

As individual vibrational rates increase and multiply, they coagulate into an ethereal net of high frequency resonance (like-heartedness, honoring, joyful, loving, etc.). In its rise up the scale of ‘purification’, energetic ‘net’ transmutes low vibrating experience around the globe that is prepared and ready for the automatic healing the essence of well-being provides. Anything not willing to be healed in the quiet underlying recesses of understanding gets pulled and yanked to the surface for frank discernment, choice and healing action to continue the rising momentum.

With many individuals skilled in navigating their own internal obstacle course between belief/believe, untrue/true and walls/boundaries, we are now collectively facing the remaining segment of our deep-seeded disagreements now surfaced for healing. Why? Because fear, hate, uninclusion and bullying do not resonate with or belong in a world of greater intelligence, collaborative productivity and just plain respectful kindness – and that’s what exists in the world of of vibrationally high frequencies.

It is a New Paradigm and we’ve crossed the threshold to becoming the new dimensional human race. It is our New Legacy.

Trust in the internal goodness that has not – and never will – become extinct. Just make sure you stay connected with the higher resonating factors (see Hierarchy of Self) while remaining aware – but not connected to – the emotional turmoil surfacing to be healed. Doing so, you will re-discover…

It is the internal environment of your holographic experience that has the greatest impact on healing you. It is the most effective healing force you can be in contribution to healing our world.

Ruth Evelyn

New Paradigm . New Legacy

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