Life in Agreement

Why do you do anything that you do? What is the purpose that drives your actions? Why do you do what you do? Is the trajectory of your personal flight inspired?

Few of us consider the purpose of our doings throughout a day. Yet, the motivations – known and unknown – determine if the end of your day has contributed to the happiness that causes living contentedly. These days accumulate into years. What are your motivations? Inspiration…or control?

Skipping through the highlights of our National experience of this past week, I heard the comment, “We’ve chosen to be the opposition Party – no matter what… For ten years…” The statements blended into the background until he spoke of reflecting upon and rethinking what the group stood for. As I moved on from political intake, I considered life in opposition of everything ‘just because’. That means, no matter what ideas or options are presented, the response is no and movement is stopped – no matter what.

I’ve known a few people in my life that have spent decades wishing their lives different, but never taking the steps to make things different. By default, they’ve been the opposition party to their own evolution and change. This perplexes me. If they’re not happily content with what is, why don’t they act to make change? What are they wishing for? Wouldn’t it be more joy-full to realize that they are happy and content with their reality of ‘what is’? What is the motivation to remain unhappy or not realize happiness is what they are living in?

Why do you do what you do in your given moments that accumulate into years and decades?

When we stand in opposition of our own – or a country’s – progress, we lose sight of the evolution that is continuous in the world around us. Change is the only constant there is. Without changing within the evolution of your Self, you run the risk of becoming stale. Staleness suffocates the breath, leading to unbreatheable outcomes.

What is the motivational movement in your day and life?

Being the opposition to your own – or a country’s – progress creates a standstill where life’s moving events will eventually leave you in the dust or break you away from the claim you’ve staked that is no longer in your  – or a country’s – best interest. Unexpected events – the unhappy kind – occur, causing you to rethink and reflect. What then?

When we don’t move with change, technology or even our dreams, these abrupt uprooting experiences are so disjarring, we have to not only assess what happened, but who we are and how we fit into the new landscape we’ve been opposed to experience. Moving with the flow of progress is a lot less painful than the abrupt shift in course not decided on your own terms.

Why do you do anything that you do?

When I began resorting my life, Peace was a key motivation. I was desperate. Being peace, living peacefully and congregating with peaceful people was a motivational drive that compelled me forward with momentum I sometimes could not stop…until my inner world suddenly found itself wholly peaceful. With a couple of days of actually being bored with being peaceful, I discovered the next layer that determined the who, what and why of my every decision. Kindness, then Love and Joy, which became Happiness, and so on.

What is the purpose that drives you in your life today?

Today, Contentment is my reigning factor. I’ve driven the course of change because I could not stand still. I could not stay unhappy, unmoving and in opposition of what life could become – no matter what. My motivations have been inspired by greater yesses of shiny dreams and possibilities that eventually became probabilities – then, an entire new reality.

As I look back, my own ten years ago gave me a plethora of reasons to give up, stop and just oppose everything. I can’t even imagine the amount of bitterness I’d be dealing with today. If I chose to stand still ten years ago to deliberately oppose my progress – no matter what – just because I didn’t like what life presented me… Well, I’m immensely grateful I chose to continue negotiating with the intense disagreements between my internal and external experience. The evolutionary uplift into living in agreement – inside and out – is so much better than expected.

Reflect and rethink from within to breathe refreshment into  your motivations. The inner evolution pushing into your awareness comprehends evolution happening in the evolving world. It is the inner Self that has your personal  updates – highly motivated and ready – to download any time you say YES! to your happiness.

Let uplifting inspiration be your motivation to act. Respond rather than oppose. You’ll be amazed where your Life in Agreement takes you!

Ruth Evelyn

New Paradigm . New Legacy

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