Path of Solution

The Path of Solution exists. The question to consider is, are you attuned to it?

In the world of vibrational alignments and resonance, the act of attuning – an action step – equalizes, pools, then empowers the underlying fields – aka, the energy that runs your life. What are you attuning to? What are you focusing on? What are you giving voice to?

These actions of attunement, focus and vocalization (words, thought and print) are the portal through which unintended non-physical energies become physical. When what was not destined to become matter actually materializes, it’s be-cause the portal for its becoming physical grew in strength so fully potent, the human force (human free will) pulled it into its becoming process. Anything becoming something gains in momentum as attention to it increases. Be cognizant of what you tune into be-cause you are, in effect, attuning yourself to it.

In a single life, the undoing of an unintended manifestation is complex. In a country’s life – or a planet’s life – the undoing is mass conscious reformation of intense compelled action, force and attunement within agreement – an accord – a chord – a chorus.

To unravel the unintended manifestation in a single life, you’re actually unthreading yourself from the lives of many. For example, if you desired a relationship which you are not yet ready for and are unwilling to allow yourself to grow through the process of preparation to become ready, you will likely manifest a relationship based in the vibration of filling something missing in your life. This relationship will contain many components of ‘something missing’. While exciting at first, the ‘something missing’ energy is the energetic algorithm running the show. When the ‘something missing’ is fulfilled, you look around and discover the many more ‘something missing’ pieces that have surfaced while you weren’t looking.

Extricating yourself from a single untended manifestation begins when the inner core within you is so misaligned with your self, it can no longer attune in support of the experience. You intuitively know something is wrong, your body’s misalignment compromises your immune system or, through unresonant factors developed in the underlying chaos, accident, injury or fatality occurs. Whatever effect it takes in your life, unintended manifestations are not about manifesting with the agreement you have with your self and your body to manifest and expand the well-being of life.

When you proceed to unravel this unintended experience, you extricate yourself, your energy, your input from the lives of everyone touched by the relationship, and everyone touched indirectly because of the circumstances and situations your relationship caused. It takes time, a lot of conversation, specific action and, if you really mean it, resolve to end the scenarios of the relationship, its residual effects and to never go back.

Intended manifestations are the easy experiences. They do not negate opposing views. Yet, they are filled with communication for comprehension, collaborative processes and productive expansion of the win-win style. Outcomes are the trajectory because the goals are mutually cooperative. Intended manifestations are the Path of Solution and the outcomes are the trajectory for attuning mutually cooperative goals.

Destined Outcomes are the trajectory of mutually cooperative goals. Goals are the trajectory of mutually beneficial Outcomes. Mutually Beneficial Outcomes are co-operative intentions of individuals, groups and the Collective – before we birth ourselves into human form.

Before you birthed yourself into your human body, you collaborated to bring about mutually beneficial outcomes to honor the life you came here to live and as contribution to our humanity. You made a plan. You are the intention of that plan. Your outcomes – your mutually beneficial outcomes you made with others prior to your human birth – are planned. They are your Path of Solution for everything in your mutually beneficial life. An Agreement. Attune to the resonance of Agreement and you’re on the Path of Solution specific to you for this life experience.

In a single life, the undoing is complex. In a country’s life – or a planet’s life – the undoing is mass conscious reformation of intense compelled action, force and attunement within Agreement – a mutually beneficial outcome.

Our evolution in creating a better world for all of our global citizens has been a Path of Solution. Since our intention for a better world is actually about a better world for everyone, no one can be separated out of the experience. We can’t extricate ourselves from the old relationship of what was – you know, separation, uninclusion, anger, hate, us vs them, etc – because the greater plan is mutually beneficial and we’ve all agreed to become it.

Now what?

The Path of Solution exists. In a country’s life, the undoing is mass conscious reformation of intense compelled action, force and attunement within Agreement. Attune to Agreement and be the portal through which intended destiny becomes matter. Be so potent, our mutually beneficial outcome becomes matter.

It matters to us all.

Ruth Evelyn

New Paradigm . New Legacy


Compelling Change

Just before Christmas, an emergency call was put out to all within the family, friend and church networks of newly arrived Baby David. David was born with the internal organs completely rearranged in his body. For whatever purpose Baby David has come here to play out, he began his life with a significant dose of Love from a focused network of humanity before, during and after he underwent significant surgical reorganization.

Love is a power-full source for healing. We easily rely on the outpouring of Love when our loved ones are in need or lost to us. We drink up the Love all around us in our joyous celebrations and immerse ourselves in Love’s sacred moments, such as in tender touch, a baby’s laugh and through the slip of expansion in the color of a brilliant sunset.

Love is a power-full re-source when it billows up from within us. Utilizing the inner light welling up from our depths, we are compelled to be in relationship, give in kindness and touch the tactility of life. We are compelled to pursue our happiness, dream and flourish. Love within us isn’t just for others.

Love is a power-full force that does not stop when unleashed by the Many. The power of loving prayer for Baby David and his family changed the course of life itself. In spite of the odds in the favor of David’s demise, he is at home – and has been for three weeks – with his parents. While he has been removed from the Church prayer list, David has not been removed from the force of Love his own will has attached itself to. Baby David is thriving.

Love is a power-full source, re-source and force. Love heals, compels and transforms. The power and scope of Love is beyond our human comprehension.

I’ve utilized the vibrational frequency of Love many times in healing emotions in my own psyche, pain in my body and have even deliberately shifted my low vibrating thoughts into Love in moments when I specifically choose to consciously change the trajectory of spiraling momentum. The result has been so obviously changed, I can no longer deny the power of Love as cause for change in a human life.

Love’s power is power-full.

We did not engage our political scene with Love, so it’s not surprising we are experiencing everything but Love in our outcomes. Therefore, I’m putting out an emergency call to all within the network of networks we are all associated with. Our organ-ization is being re-arranged and our very breath of civility is requiring re-stabilization.

Love is a power-full source, re-source and force for healing, compelling and change. Pull Love up from within you, utilize it for your own healing rebalance, then combine the power you have gathered with the Love gathered within Others and direct that Love with all the permission you’ll allow to heal, compel and change momentum and trajectories on behalf of the greater good of our humanity.

I’ve witnessed the vibrational frequency of Love bring whole families together, re-map electrical currents in the human body and compel secrets to the surface that were never expected to be revealed. Love is a power-full force.

Never underestimate the force of Love you have inside you to cut through walls, mountains and hopelessness to create the change you came here to be.

Ruth Evelyn

New Paradigm . New Legacy


Changing the Paradigm

Many of us have been encouraged over the past many years that our world and lives have been changing for the better. We have been experiencing more progress, collaborative congeniality in making improvement and we’ve been buoyed by increased awareness as we’ve come together in our believe of global humanitarian, economic and ecological uplift. The backlash to our progress has yelled in protest. What happened?!

In understanding the natural law of Cause and Effect, consider that we – those of us forging into uplift – are the cause of the tumultuous effects in the world today.

We have been the uplift that caused and actioned the change of our forward movement. We have been the cause of the turmoil, change and uproar we are all in today be-cause WE changed the equation of daily life. Our cause has become so effective, We changed the world before the now-awakening voices were ready – or willing – to move.

The challenge – opportunity – at this moment in our humanity is that we’ve outgrown the numbers of those who cannot yet see their way into change, struggle leaving behind traditions that once kept them faithful to what was and fear the embrace of equalities.  For those of us who are – and have been – the believing Change-Makers healing the planet, raising our fellowship out of despair and ending global poverty as the legacy of our global watch, we are already experienced in rising above the naysayers, the complacent and the unaware. We are the Leaders that KNOW how to continue forward movement in spite of the shouting voices of illusionary reclamation currently underway.

Change has met its shifting point. Our global WE cannot go backward. Yet, our collective complacent fears are fiercely fighting the pull forward.

We are a collective human force. Our shift forward into inclusion of our global family, uniting in healing our planetary health and the collective desire for peaceful stability has become so great – and effective – the part of us that hasn’t been part of our progressive movement has awakened to a world gone too far. What we are in the experience of is the proverbial “Whoa! Wait a minute! What’s happened? What’s going on?” This reverberating echo is now bouncing between individuals, groups and the collective in every corner, community and country around the world.

We have caused change and the momentum is pulling everyone to the new paradigm together. We are a collective force with a collective will that has already declared no one is left behind. Oops!

Social media is carelessly filled with demeaning negativity and appall. What if we shifted the intent – Together.

Necessity of awareness pulls us into listening and responding to the current storm threatening to tear apart the greater world we have built. Listening and responding has become an emotional breach, tearing our inner sanctum to shreds – or, at least, weakening the foundational strength we have built within.

To re-establish forward momentum, change your paradigm.

When facing opposition to equality, unity and partnership for a better world is so great (as it is in our world today), don’t shut down the communication stream of goodness you already know exists. Re-engage the pool of light in the form of progressive thought, word and action with others of like-heart. It is necessary to re-build strength in the energy of global uplift. Equally, don’t shut out all of the noise in thwart of our collective evolution. Awareness in the facts of action taking place is necessary.

FIRST AND FOREMOST, return to the ease and peace you have already generated from within. THIS is your fortress, your foundation and the fuel that strengthens in support of you and the world you came here to become.

Your awareness of what is taking place externally is necessary today. WE ARE THE WALL that collectively ends the back-slide, regroups and brings us all forward with one collective sweep of an arm in the Agreement of becoming a peaceful world.

Temporarily, we are in the midst of a large awakening. Through our efforts of creating a better world for all, WE have been the cause to this effect. We are the cause that has been – and still is – the change we came here to be.  Re-align and re-attune to the foundation of your inner sanctum. Pull forward the strength of your inner peace, stand up and be peacefully strong – with action. Together.

Be the change you came here to be – and don’t stop.

Ruth Evelyn
New Paradigm . New Legacy