Reviving Joy

As we witness our local and global human experience at odds with itself at almost every turn, it is easy to give in, give up or hide away in isolation. While it’s healthy to disengage from life’s discord to regain strength and balance, the better option is to re-engage your dance with Joy – the better experience.

The human life isn’t meant to remain disengaged from everything we don’t like. We are meant to engage with circumstance, communicate our desires and grow from the experience. This is the process of human being. In the midst of our shutting down, shutting out demands and protests, engaging the Joy you access within you uplifts participation with purpose – the better way to engage.

Joy is an inner spirit that uplifts. It is an energy – a vibration – a frequency of emotion (energy in motion). Joy is vibrancy that nourishes, inspires happiness and renders unhappiness impotent. Joy heals in the depths of our molecular structure, thereby strengthening the immune system as it promotes well-being in your body and life. Joy is a catalyst of health – always, a better outcome.

In the world of frequencies, Joy is a thread of light that causes an internal expansion compelling an external smile. When you truly consider Joy as its vibrating light grows inside you, Joy will respond to your attention. Within moments, Joy will permeate your internal breath, fill your chest cavity and cause you to sit upright with a sense of refreshed vigor.

Through your consideration of Joy, you bring Joy back to life within you. You will have revived Joy. In turn, Joy revives you. As you allow Joy to expand and uplift, you and your refreshed partnership with Joy, will move the mountains you face, ease the discord in your world and uplift your human experience through its empowering force of well-being.

Joy’s power is a singular thread of light – a frequency of emotion – that comes to the world from inside each and every individual source of light. As the conduit of light through your own electromagnetic field, your human body is the natural conductor that allows the light of Joy to be utilized by you, then shared with others. By allowing Joy in you and utilizing Joy in your life, you are the manner through which Joy is shared and spread throughout circumstance, community and the world.

Revive Joy in you and be Joyfull – the better engagement of the better experience that creates the better outcome.

Ruth Evelyn

New Paradigm . New Legacy


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