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Life in Agreement

Why do you do anything that you do? What is the purpose that drives your actions? Why do you do what you do? Is the trajectory of your personal flight inspired?

Few of us consider the purpose of our doings throughout a day. Yet, the motivations – known and unknown – determine if the end of your day has contributed to the happiness that causes living contentedly. These days accumulate into years. What are your motivations? Inspiration…or control?

Skipping through the highlights of our National experience of this past week, I heard the comment, “We’ve chosen to be the opposition Party – no matter what… For ten years…” The statements blended into the background until he spoke of reflecting upon and rethinking what the group stood for. As I moved on from political intake, I considered life in opposition of everything ‘just because’. That means, no matter what ideas or options are presented, the response is no and movement is stopped – no matter what.

I’ve known a few people in my life that have spent decades wishing their lives different, but never taking the steps to make things different. By default, they’ve been the opposition party to their own evolution and change. This perplexes me. If they’re not happily content with what is, why don’t they act to make change? What are they wishing for? Wouldn’t it be more joy-full to realize that they are happy and content with their reality of ‘what is’? What is the motivation to remain unhappy or not realize happiness is what they are living in?

Why do you do what you do in your given moments that accumulate into years and decades?

When we stand in opposition of our own – or a country’s – progress, we lose sight of the evolution that is continuous in the world around us. Change is the only constant there is. Without changing within the evolution of your Self, you run the risk of becoming stale. Staleness suffocates the breath, leading to unbreatheable outcomes.

What is the motivational movement in your day and life?

Being the opposition to your own – or a country’s – progress creates a standstill where life’s moving events will eventually leave you in the dust or break you away from the claim you’ve staked that is no longer in your  – or a country’s – best interest. Unexpected events – the unhappy kind – occur, causing you to rethink and reflect. What then?

When we don’t move with change, technology or even our dreams, these abrupt uprooting experiences are so disjarring, we have to not only assess what happened, but who we are and how we fit into the new landscape we’ve been opposed to experience. Moving with the flow of progress is a lot less painful than the abrupt shift in course not decided on your own terms.

Why do you do anything that you do?

When I began resorting my life, Peace was a key motivation. I was desperate. Being peace, living peacefully and congregating with peaceful people was a motivational drive that compelled me forward with momentum I sometimes could not stop…until my inner world suddenly found itself wholly peaceful. With a couple of days of actually being bored with being peaceful, I discovered the next layer that determined the who, what and why of my every decision. Kindness, then Love and Joy, which became Happiness, and so on.

What is the purpose that drives you in your life today?

Today, Contentment is my reigning factor. I’ve driven the course of change because I could not stand still. I could not stay unhappy, unmoving and in opposition of what life could become – no matter what. My motivations have been inspired by greater yesses of shiny dreams and possibilities that eventually became probabilities – then, an entire new reality.

As I look back, my own ten years ago gave me a plethora of reasons to give up, stop and just oppose everything. I can’t even imagine the amount of bitterness I’d be dealing with today. If I chose to stand still ten years ago to deliberately oppose my progress – no matter what – just because I didn’t like what life presented me… Well, I’m immensely grateful I chose to continue negotiating with the intense disagreements between my internal and external experience. The evolutionary uplift into living in agreement – inside and out – is so much better than expected.

Reflect and rethink from within to breathe refreshment into  your motivations. The inner evolution pushing into your awareness comprehends evolution happening in the evolving world. It is the inner Self that has your personal  updates – highly motivated and ready – to download any time you say YES! to your happiness.

Let uplifting inspiration be your motivation to act. Respond rather than oppose. You’ll be amazed where your Life in Agreement takes you!

Ruth Evelyn

New Paradigm . New Legacy

Reviving Joy

As we witness our local and global human experience at odds with itself at almost every turn, it is easy to give in, give up or hide away in isolation. While it’s healthy to disengage from life’s discord to regain strength and balance, the better option is to re-engage your dance with Joy – the better experience.

The human life isn’t meant to remain disengaged from everything we don’t like. We are meant to engage with circumstance, communicate our desires and grow from the experience. This is the process of human being. In the midst of our shutting down, shutting out demands and protests, engaging the Joy you access within you uplifts participation with purpose – the better way to engage.

Joy is an inner spirit that uplifts. It is an energy – a vibration – a frequency of emotion (energy in motion). Joy is vibrancy that nourishes, inspires happiness and renders unhappiness impotent. Joy heals in the depths of our molecular structure, thereby strengthening the immune system as it promotes well-being in your body and life. Joy is a catalyst of health – always, a better outcome.

In the world of frequencies, Joy is a thread of light that causes an internal expansion compelling an external smile. When you truly consider Joy as its vibrating light grows inside you, Joy will respond to your attention. Within moments, Joy will permeate your internal breath, fill your chest cavity and cause you to sit upright with a sense of refreshed vigor.

Through your consideration of Joy, you bring Joy back to life within you. You will have revived Joy. In turn, Joy revives you. As you allow Joy to expand and uplift, you and your refreshed partnership with Joy, will move the mountains you face, ease the discord in your world and uplift your human experience through its empowering force of well-being.

Joy’s power is a singular thread of light – a frequency of emotion – that comes to the world from inside each and every individual source of light. As the conduit of light through your own electromagnetic field, your human body is the natural conductor that allows the light of Joy to be utilized by you, then shared with others. By allowing Joy in you and utilizing Joy in your life, you are the manner through which Joy is shared and spread throughout circumstance, community and the world.

Revive Joy in you and be Joyfull – the better engagement of the better experience that creates the better outcome.

Ruth Evelyn

New Paradigm . New Legacy


Green Eggs

When my Sister told me to look for green eggs in her chicken coop, I thought she was kidding. For several weeks, I’ve been curiously looking for the elusive green eggs until I finally decided she was pulling my leg. Settling into my own knowing that the world of chickens only delivers brown eggs and white eggs, I could feel an ever-so-slight thrill of anticipation of the impossible…but, my version of reality gave me only the brown eggs I expected.

This morning, my poultry-world-reality altered. Green eggs do indeed exist!

Greeted with two light-green colored eggs, I stood in a brief moment of a new reality. Counted in time of several seconds, I had to discern which were the fake eggs, used for – well, I don’t know what the fake eggs are used for – and which were the real eggs. In actuality, my knowing immediately sent the message to my brain which was which. It was obvious. My high brain, however, had to consider, sort, adjust and choose. Someone watching wouldn’t have known the altered states my internal understanding was shifting through, but those two medium-size eggs in my hand were as marvelous to me as if fairies had just landed in my palm.

Altering realities is an experiential process. Until this morning, my view of my Sister’s reality of green eggs was the equivalent of what new acquaintances consider about my reality of Angelics in the unseen realms. Until experience happens, skepticism abounds.

Skepticism is the separation between the Believer and the unBelieverKnowing and unKnowing. Those whose experiences cause them to Believe and Know are established in their realities – physical and non-physical. Those who have not had similar experiences do not share in the same Believe and Knowing of alternative versions of what is true. The space between realities is filled with skepticism, doubt and uncertainty sorting out true from false.

Attempting to prove an unexperienced reality exists is taking a full dive into the chasm of skepticism – no matter what the reality is. So, if you are trying to prove something to someone, understand there is a river of energy to cross – for you or the other person – to stand together.

Let’s consider this space between two different wholly established realities. I’m going to refer to them as Reality A and Reality One because both realities are accurate and real according to the individual view within each. Neither is second or has less value than the other. Reality A and Reality One easily co-exist…until, one reality determines itself to be the authority over the other.

No matter how established you are in your own reality, other realities are in constant flux pushing their expansion onto your own. The space between is where the process of discernment takes place. And, it’s actually a safe place to consider in. The space between is where your wholly established reality can remain protected while you open yourself to learn about another’s perception. The space between is where we have the opportunity to change our criticisms to questions, to potentially gain new perspectives and to expand ourselves peacefully.

Expanding ourselves peacefully has become acutely challenged in today’s worldly environment. The river of energy full of skepticism, doubt and uncertainty has become a flood washing over all ground we’ve each established in the comfort of our individual realities. No one is safely immune to change. Anyone attempting to remain steadfast at the center of their own world is in danger of getting ripped up out of their own roots to abruptly – and uncomfortably – see anew. We are all in the opportunity to gain through the expansion of understanding.

While Dr. Seuss informed me about green eggs decades ago and my Sister corroborated their reality a mere few weeks ago, I did not allow what is true to actually be true until I held the green eggs in my hand. Allowing even a glimmer of the potential of seeing a green egg – in spite of what I expected – gave me the surprise that uplifted me into joy. Can we, as individuals co-creating our new world reality, allow ourselves to be uplifted into the expanded experience with Joy?

When people quietly affirm a peaceful world has happened in their reality, then consider to Know and Believe a peaceful world does – truly – exist. Fortunately, peaceful realities do exist in growing numbers around the world. Coming together in a larger combined energy, the expansion of Peace has pulled us all into the space between to consider it for ourselves and decide whether we are willing to be joyfully surprised by its revealing reality.

Peace is a reality we – individually and collectively – have pulled into manifestational strength through prayer, yearning and action over thousands of years. It is a reality ready to exist as experience for the many and not just the few. The chasm between the unBelievers and the Believers in our World Peace is now a flood of skepticism, doubt and uncertainty that has become a loud chaotic mess. Yet, we already have a greater good agreement to stand together  – United in our States of being.

To maintain Peace as the outcome to be the reality we individually and collectively live, step into the energetic between us without criticism. In the process of opening yourself to the potential, you’ll gain greater understanding. Peace will further establish and expand – in, around and through you – by you. You then become the experience that Knows and Believes

Green eggs – and Peace – do exist.

Ruth Evelyn

New Paradigm . New Legacy


Yesterday, I watched several replays of a man named Stephen Miller claim the presidential authority of Donald J. Trump would not be questioned. His announced certainty of this was declared, claimed and demanded. The strength and volume of his certainty holds potent the complete expectation of compliance. Stephen Miller (born August 23, 1985) is 31 years old.

Stephen Miller is certain in his forthright perception. The U.S. Constitution declares, claims, completely expects – and through our Judicial Branch, demands – a different forthright perception.

The Constitution is certain in its forthright perception. The strength and volume of its certainty holds potent the equal rights of those it supports and protects in complete expectation of compliance. The U.S. Constitution (made effective March 4, 1789) is 227 years old.

Certainty is a state of being certain. However, Certainty does not mean what you are certain about is factually true. The more relevant factor in certainty within your life is the foundation your certainty is supported by.

In my world of helping Others claim their Voice of Certainty, the teachings I provide are considered hearsay and unfactual – until they become experienced. The evidence Others experience in relief and resulting breakthroughs into obvious happiness is the foundation of certainty in what I do for Others.

While Stephen Miller would love to claim his world as true and real, his experiential evidence of 44 predecessors to the current Executive Branch proves his claim of unquestioned presidential authority is a claim that is not factual. There is no foundation to his certainty.

To get into the certainty that never fails you, your foundational layers must be solid beneath your feet,  or you will fall through the un-certain – what is false. In the foundation of building certainty in your life, it is solidified through progressive experience of knowing, believe, failure and success. It is not demanded. When experiential foundation is set, your certainty becomes unwavering.

Standing on false layers in your physical and non-physical foundation is a precarious life. It is when you build upon the experience of what is true that you will one day feel the solidity of what you know, sense and believe – these (know, sense and believe) are light-based (aka love-based) frequencies (aka energy). They are what is true.

In the experience of happiness and love, certainty’s foundation is that of well-being. Well-being is about one’s well-fare. It is a state characterized by happiness, health and prosperity (Dictionary.com). These are all frequencies of emotion (aka energy in motion) that are light-based. They create, attune and resonate functional agreement in one’s body, relationships and life. This is the good stuff.

Certainty founded in fear-based falsehood – no matter how forcefully it is stated – is not the good stuff that uplifts – or even cares – about well-being. It has no basis supported by anything but dis-ease – which is all about attack,  breaking down, breaking apart and dying.

Whether considering the well-defined certainty of another’s views, or a specific point of direction in your own life, whenever your own certainty shivers into uncertainty, look to the supporting foundation of the claim. Is the greatest uplifting factor the love within well-being? Or, is it the control within power?

Knowing the foundation certainty is coming from will help you discern and step into – and with – further certainty. If you – and your certainty – are coming from the love within well-being, you will always be supporting the well-being in you, your relationships, your life, our country and the world.

Ruth Evelyn

New Paradigm . New Legacy

Compelling Change

Just before Christmas, an emergency call was put out to all within the family, friend and church networks of newly arrived Baby David. David was born with the internal organs completely rearranged in his body. For whatever purpose Baby David has come here to play out, he began his life with a significant dose of Love from a focused network of humanity before, during and after he underwent significant surgical reorganization.

Love is a power-full source for healing. We easily rely on the outpouring of Love when our loved ones are in need or lost to us. We drink up the Love all around us in our joyous celebrations and immerse ourselves in Love’s sacred moments, such as in tender touch, a baby’s laugh and through the slip of expansion in the color of a brilliant sunset.

Love is a power-full re-source when it billows up from within us. Utilizing the inner light welling up from our depths, we are compelled to be in relationship, give in kindness and touch the tactility of life. We are compelled to pursue our happiness, dream and flourish. Love within us isn’t just for others.

Love is a power-full force that does not stop when unleashed by the Many. The power of loving prayer for Baby David and his family changed the course of life itself. In spite of the odds in the favor of David’s demise, he is at home – and has been for three weeks – with his parents. While he has been removed from the Church prayer list, David has not been removed from the force of Love his own will has attached itself to. Baby David is thriving.

Love is a power-full source, re-source and force. Love heals, compels and transforms. The power and scope of Love is beyond our human comprehension.

I’ve utilized the vibrational frequency of Love many times in healing emotions in my own psyche, pain in my body and have even deliberately shifted my low vibrating thoughts into Love in moments when I specifically choose to consciously change the trajectory of spiraling momentum. The result has been so obviously changed, I can no longer deny the power of Love as cause for change in a human life.

Love’s power is power-full.

We did not engage our political scene with Love, so it’s not surprising we are experiencing everything but Love in our outcomes. Therefore, I’m putting out an emergency call to all within the network of networks we are all associated with. Our organ-ization is being re-arranged and our very breath of civility is requiring re-stabilization.

Love is a power-full source, re-source and force for healing, compelling and change. Pull Love up from within you, utilize it for your own healing rebalance, then combine the power you have gathered with the Love gathered within Others and direct that Love with all the permission you’ll allow to heal, compel and change momentum and trajectories on behalf of the greater good of our humanity.

I’ve witnessed the vibrational frequency of Love bring whole families together, re-map electrical currents in the human body and compel secrets to the surface that were never expected to be revealed. Love is a power-full force.

Never underestimate the force of Love you have inside you to cut through walls, mountains and hopelessness to create the change you came here to be.

Ruth Evelyn

New Paradigm . New Legacy


Changing the Paradigm

Many of us have been encouraged over the past many years that our world and lives have been changing for the better. We have been experiencing more progress, collaborative congeniality in making improvement and we’ve been buoyed by increased awareness as we’ve come together in our believe of global humanitarian, economic and ecological uplift. The backlash to our progress has yelled in protest. What happened?!

In understanding the natural law of Cause and Effect, consider that we – those of us forging into uplift – are the cause of the tumultuous effects in the world today.

We have been the uplift that caused and actioned the change of our forward movement. We have been the cause of the turmoil, change and uproar we are all in today be-cause WE changed the equation of daily life. Our cause has become so effective, We changed the world before the now-awakening voices were ready – or willing – to move.

The challenge – opportunity – at this moment in our humanity is that we’ve outgrown the numbers of those who cannot yet see their way into change, struggle leaving behind traditions that once kept them faithful to what was and fear the embrace of equalities.  For those of us who are – and have been – the believing Change-Makers healing the planet, raising our fellowship out of despair and ending global poverty as the legacy of our global watch, we are already experienced in rising above the naysayers, the complacent and the unaware. We are the Leaders that KNOW how to continue forward movement in spite of the shouting voices of illusionary reclamation currently underway.

Change has met its shifting point. Our global WE cannot go backward. Yet, our collective complacent fears are fiercely fighting the pull forward.

We are a collective human force. Our shift forward into inclusion of our global family, uniting in healing our planetary health and the collective desire for peaceful stability has become so great – and effective – the part of us that hasn’t been part of our progressive movement has awakened to a world gone too far. What we are in the experience of is the proverbial “Whoa! Wait a minute! What’s happened? What’s going on?” This reverberating echo is now bouncing between individuals, groups and the collective in every corner, community and country around the world.

We have caused change and the momentum is pulling everyone to the new paradigm together. We are a collective force with a collective will that has already declared no one is left behind. Oops!

Social media is carelessly filled with demeaning negativity and appall. What if we shifted the intent – Together.

Necessity of awareness pulls us into listening and responding to the current storm threatening to tear apart the greater world we have built. Listening and responding has become an emotional breach, tearing our inner sanctum to shreds – or, at least, weakening the foundational strength we have built within.

To re-establish forward momentum, change your paradigm.

When facing opposition to equality, unity and partnership for a better world is so great (as it is in our world today), don’t shut down the communication stream of goodness you already know exists. Re-engage the pool of light in the form of progressive thought, word and action with others of like-heart. It is necessary to re-build strength in the energy of global uplift. Equally, don’t shut out all of the noise in thwart of our collective evolution. Awareness in the facts of action taking place is necessary.

FIRST AND FOREMOST, return to the ease and peace you have already generated from within. THIS is your fortress, your foundation and the fuel that strengthens in support of you and the world you came here to become.

Your awareness of what is taking place externally is necessary today. WE ARE THE WALL that collectively ends the back-slide, regroups and brings us all forward with one collective sweep of an arm in the Agreement of becoming a peaceful world.

Temporarily, we are in the midst of a large awakening. Through our efforts of creating a better world for all, WE have been the cause to this effect. We are the cause that has been – and still is – the change we came here to be.  Re-align and re-attune to the foundation of your inner sanctum. Pull forward the strength of your inner peace, stand up and be peacefully strong – with action. Together.

Be the change you came here to be – and don’t stop.

Ruth Evelyn
New Paradigm . New Legacy