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Yesterday, I watched several replays of a man named Stephen Miller claim the presidential authority of Donald J. Trump would not be questioned. His announced certainty of this was declared, claimed and demanded. The strength and volume of his certainty holds potent the complete expectation of compliance. Stephen Miller (born August 23, 1985) is 31 years old.

Stephen Miller is certain in his forthright perception. The U.S. Constitution declares, claims, completely expects – and through our Judicial Branch, demands – a different forthright perception.

The Constitution is certain in its forthright perception. The strength and volume of its certainty holds potent the equal rights of those it supports and protects in complete expectation of compliance. The U.S. Constitution (made effective March 4, 1789) is 227 years old.

Certainty is a state of being certain. However, Certainty does not mean what you are certain about is factually true. The more relevant factor in certainty within your life is the foundation your certainty is supported by.

In my world of helping Others claim their Voice of Certainty, the teachings I provide are considered hearsay and unfactual – until they become experienced. The evidence Others experience in relief and resulting breakthroughs into obvious happiness is the foundation of certainty in what I do for Others.

While Stephen Miller would love to claim his world as true and real, his experiential evidence of 44 predecessors to the current Executive Branch proves his claim of unquestioned presidential authority is a claim that is not factual. There is no foundation to his certainty.

To get into the certainty that never fails you, your foundational layers must be solid beneath your feet,  or you will fall through the un-certain – what is false. In the foundation of building certainty in your life, it is solidified through progressive experience of knowing, believe, failure and success. It is not demanded. When experiential foundation is set, your certainty becomes unwavering.

Standing on false layers in your physical and non-physical foundation is a precarious life. It is when you build upon the experience of what is true that you will one day feel the solidity of what you know, sense and believe – these (know, sense and believe) are light-based (aka love-based) frequencies (aka energy). They are what is true.

In the experience of happiness and love, certainty’s foundation is that of well-being. Well-being is about one’s well-fare. It is a state characterized by happiness, health and prosperity (Dictionary.com). These are all frequencies of emotion (aka energy in motion) that are light-based. They create, attune and resonate functional agreement in one’s body, relationships and life. This is the good stuff.

Certainty founded in fear-based falsehood – no matter how forcefully it is stated – is not the good stuff that uplifts – or even cares – about well-being. It has no basis supported by anything but dis-ease – which is all about attack,  breaking down, breaking apart and dying.

Whether considering the well-defined certainty of another’s views, or a specific point of direction in your own life, whenever your own certainty shivers into uncertainty, look to the supporting foundation of the claim. Is the greatest uplifting factor the love within well-being? Or, is it the control within power?

Knowing the foundation certainty is coming from will help you discern and step into – and with – further certainty. If you – and your certainty – are coming from the love within well-being, you will always be supporting the well-being in you, your relationships, your life, our country and the world.

Ruth Evelyn

New Paradigm . New Legacy

Compelling Change

Just before Christmas, an emergency call was put out to all within the family, friend and church networks of newly arrived Baby David. David was born with the internal organs completely rearranged in his body. For whatever purpose Baby David has come here to play out, he began his life with a significant dose of Love from a focused network of humanity before, during and after he underwent significant surgical reorganization.

Love is a power-full source for healing. We easily rely on the outpouring of Love when our loved ones are in need or lost to us. We drink up the Love all around us in our joyous celebrations and immerse ourselves in Love’s sacred moments, such as in tender touch, a baby’s laugh and through the slip of expansion in the color of a brilliant sunset.

Love is a power-full re-source when it billows up from within us. Utilizing the inner light welling up from our depths, we are compelled to be in relationship, give in kindness and touch the tactility of life. We are compelled to pursue our happiness, dream and flourish. Love within us isn’t just for others.

Love is a power-full force that does not stop when unleashed by the Many. The power of loving prayer for Baby David and his family changed the course of life itself. In spite of the odds in the favor of David’s demise, he is at home – and has been for three weeks – with his parents. While he has been removed from the Church prayer list, David has not been removed from the force of Love his own will has attached itself to. Baby David is thriving.

Love is a power-full source, re-source and force. Love heals, compels and transforms. The power and scope of Love is beyond our human comprehension.

I’ve utilized the vibrational frequency of Love many times in healing emotions in my own psyche, pain in my body and have even deliberately shifted my low vibrating thoughts into Love in moments when I specifically choose to consciously change the trajectory of spiraling momentum. The result has been so obviously changed, I can no longer deny the power of Love as cause for change in a human life.

Love’s power is power-full.

We did not engage our political scene with Love, so it’s not surprising we are experiencing everything but Love in our outcomes. Therefore, I’m putting out an emergency call to all within the network of networks we are all associated with. Our organ-ization is being re-arranged and our very breath of civility is requiring re-stabilization.

Love is a power-full source, re-source and force for healing, compelling and change. Pull Love up from within you, utilize it for your own healing rebalance, then combine the power you have gathered with the Love gathered within Others and direct that Love with all the permission you’ll allow to heal, compel and change momentum and trajectories on behalf of the greater good of our humanity.

I’ve witnessed the vibrational frequency of Love bring whole families together, re-map electrical currents in the human body and compel secrets to the surface that were never expected to be revealed. Love is a power-full force.

Never underestimate the force of Love you have inside you to cut through walls, mountains and hopelessness to create the change you came here to be.

Ruth Evelyn

New Paradigm . New Legacy