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Green Eggs

When my Sister told me to look for green eggs in her chicken coop, I thought she was kidding. For several weeks, I’ve been curiously looking for the elusive green eggs until I finally decided she was pulling my leg. Settling into my own knowing that the world of chickens only delivers brown eggs and white eggs, I could feel an ever-so-slight thrill of anticipation of the impossible…but, my version of reality gave me only the brown eggs I expected.

This morning, my poultry-world-reality altered. Green eggs do indeed exist!

Greeted with two light-green colored eggs, I stood in a brief moment of a new reality. Counted in time of several seconds, I had to discern which were the fake eggs, used for – well, I don’t know what the fake eggs are used for – and which were the real eggs. In actuality, my knowing immediately sent the message to my brain which was which. It was obvious. My high brain, however, had to consider, sort, adjust and choose. Someone watching wouldn’t have known the altered states my internal understanding was shifting through, but those two medium-size eggs in my hand were as marvelous to me as if fairies had just landed in my palm.

Altering realities is an experiential process. Until this morning, my view of my Sister’s reality of green eggs was the equivalent of what new acquaintances consider about my reality of Angelics in the unseen realms. Until experience happens, skepticism abounds.

Skepticism is the separation between the Believer and the unBelieverKnowing and unKnowing. Those whose experiences cause them to Believe and Know are established in their realities – physical and non-physical. Those who have not had similar experiences do not share in the same Believe and Knowing of alternative versions of what is true. The space between realities is filled with skepticism, doubt and uncertainty sorting out true from false.

Attempting to prove an unexperienced reality exists is taking a full dive into the chasm of skepticism – no matter what the reality is. So, if you are trying to prove something to someone, understand there is a river of energy to cross – for you or the other person – to stand together.

Let’s consider this space between two different wholly established realities. I’m going to refer to them as Reality A and Reality One because both realities are accurate and real according to the individual view within each. Neither is second or has less value than the other. Reality A and Reality One easily co-exist…until, one reality determines itself to be the authority over the other.

No matter how established you are in your own reality, other realities are in constant flux pushing their expansion onto your own. The space between is where the process of discernment takes place. And, it’s actually a safe place to consider in. The space between is where your wholly established reality can remain protected while you open yourself to learn about another’s perception. The space between is where we have the opportunity to change our criticisms to questions, to potentially gain new perspectives and to expand ourselves peacefully.

Expanding ourselves peacefully has become acutely challenged in today’s worldly environment. The river of energy full of skepticism, doubt and uncertainty has become a flood washing over all ground we’ve each established in the comfort of our individual realities. No one is safely immune to change. Anyone attempting to remain steadfast at the center of their own world is in danger of getting ripped up out of their own roots to abruptly – and uncomfortably – see anew. We are all in the opportunity to gain through the expansion of understanding.

While Dr. Seuss informed me about green eggs decades ago and my Sister corroborated their reality a mere few weeks ago, I did not allow what is true to actually be true until I held the green eggs in my hand. Allowing even a glimmer of the potential of seeing a green egg – in spite of what I expected – gave me the surprise that uplifted me into joy. Can we, as individuals co-creating our new world reality, allow ourselves to be uplifted into the expanded experience with Joy?

When people quietly affirm a peaceful world has happened in their reality, then consider to Know and Believe a peaceful world does – truly – exist. Fortunately, peaceful realities do exist in growing numbers around the world. Coming together in a larger combined energy, the expansion of Peace has pulled us all into the space between to consider it for ourselves and decide whether we are willing to be joyfully surprised by its revealing reality.

Peace is a reality we – individually and collectively – have pulled into manifestational strength through prayer, yearning and action over thousands of years. It is a reality ready to exist as experience for the many and not just the few. The chasm between the unBelievers and the Believers in our World Peace is now a flood of skepticism, doubt and uncertainty that has become a loud chaotic mess. Yet, we already have a greater good agreement to stand together  – United in our States of being.

To maintain Peace as the outcome to be the reality we individually and collectively live, step into the energetic between us without criticism. In the process of opening yourself to the potential, you’ll gain greater understanding. Peace will further establish and expand – in, around and through you – by you. You then become the experience that Knows and Believes

Green eggs – and Peace – do exist.

Ruth Evelyn

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