The Value of Purpose

In the field of moving vibration that manifests into matter, focus determines trajectory, intensity determines momentum and believe determines outcome. This is the power behind vision boards, affirmations and ritual. It is also the power behind anger, fear and believed alternative facts.

While the term of alternative facts is new on our conversational palette, alternative facts have been with us for as long as humans have perceived and concluded in the decision-making process of forward momentum toward any outcome. Previously, we’ve described them as lies, false beliefs, betrayals, misinformation, spin, untruths, delusions, illusions, etc. Focusing on them with intensity and believe determines their physical outcome in your mind and life.

In today’s conversational climate, we are in a soup of misinformation that is exhausting our physical strengths. This depletion occurs when we – individually and collectively – try to hold up what is not real and what no longer pertains as if it is something true and purposeful. Holding onto so much untruth, we eventually let go or break. Individuals, families, countries…our world appears to have broken.

What is true is light, has no weight upon your life and actually uplifts you into well-being – everyday. What is true is the purpose you are here for. When you focus on your purpose with intensity and believe, you become the purpose that you are – and not an alternative fact.

Every journey in our sea of human experiences has purpose. No person – naturally conceived, artificially inseminated, planned, unplanned, or violently thrust into conception – is without purpose. You are not an alternative fact. You are what is true – with purpose – which is the value you add to our evolving humanity.

Your purpose – you – is value – and valuable.

When you arrive at the point in your experience where you question the world and/or your value to it, return your focus on your purpose – with intensity and believe – to become the outcome – Purpose-full. Purpose – your purpose – is value and valuable to us all.

Breathe fully down into the manyu vasti (mind of the low belly – the enteric brain). Shake out your shoulders, your neck and breathe another deep breath, moving your attention down your spine. Feel your body oxygenate and relax. This process calms the mind in the high brain in your head. In this space of calm, sense the serenity where untrue natures doesn’t exist. Consider purpose and be still.

Focusing consideration on your purpose – whether you know what it is or not – re-engages the body’s energy back to your true path. Focus on your purpose with prolonged consideration increases its momentum. Your believe is the portal through which it manifests. Through actioning your purpose you become the purpose you originally intended to be – and you fit – in today’s world.

Your purpose has value in today’s world – not in the world of a hundred years ago or a hundred years from now. Today. The reason you are here has value for us all, today. And, as with all purpose of our Collective’s greater good, your purpose is of benefit to us all.

You are not an alternative fact. The resonance of your well-being does not support you focusing on, attuning to or being a false untrue version of you.  Your well-being does, however, support you focusing on, attuning to and being the who, what and why you are – the true purpose you came here to be. Your believe determines whether it – your value-added life – manifests as a physical outcome.

Re-focus and be determined in your natural purpose that adds to our collective well-being. When you do, you become the value-added strength to ease our human experience.

Believe in the value of your purpose.

Ruth Evelyn

New Paradigm . New Legacy

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