Self and the Human Experience
Somewhere in the midst of her spiritual journey, Ruth Evelyn met a moment of comprehension that changed everything. Recognizing we are connected in our oneness, Peace is our collective desire and Love is the ultimate experience, she questioned - in a passionate plea - what it is that connects spirituality to living in the details of the daily human life. In a deluge of dimensional response, the order of her own life was rearranged to provide the answer. Starting with recalibrating corporate infrastructures and the development of Engaged Quantum Health, Ruth Evelyn now works directly with Self and the Human Holograph to discern Path, Purpose and the Divine Promise for your life.

Below is a diagram of the 22 Dimensions of Mind within the Human Holograph with a brief overview of Mind, the Akash, Governing Powers and Dimensional Access. The information provided here is the result of the dimensional training Ruth Evelyn received to re-engage the roots of our ancient knowing into today's contemporary world. These components guide for better life management within the whole support of one's Self, dimensional heirarchy and how your System is attuned in support of your human experience when you connect within to allow and integrate your own True Nature into your daily life.

Through her work with Clients, Ruth Evelyn continues to mentor to help you comprehend where you are today, your personal nature and plan for this lifetime, and the processes for your own 'sweet spot' to manifest the life you came here to live.




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