"You are such a catalyst! Everything you said was right on target. Thank you for your Gift, the Love you share and for staying with me through this. I have my strength back...and my voice! My voice - I'm clear in my words and I'm being heard. I am beyond grateful, Ruth." G.R.


The Difference
Not every path or person is ready to receive or live with the clarity of goodness in their lives. Many never see their way past perpetual drama that instigates decline in age, communication and joy. If you are considering a Session or Service with Ruth Evelyn, you are prepared and ready to receive - and act upon - forward movement in your life.


Intuitive Clarity
Ruth Evelyn accesses the higher layers of your holographic field where your well-being and clarity exist without inhibiting blocks and obstructions of interfering human patterns. Through this channel of information, you will receive direct guidance for what pertains to you today to move into your next phase with purpose and well-being. You will receive timelines, due dates for action (if any) and specific strategies for relieving yourself from current detrimental perceptions and/or behaviors. When finished, you will have complete information to begin anew with fresh inspiration and clarity.

Layering of Light
Too much of a good thing can be overwhelming, even dangerous. The evolutionary process of light and body is a partnership in the acceptance and utilization of self. As you peruse this site to comprehend the holographic field and your dimensionality, you will glimpse the understanding of complexity within your system of light and the magnification you are capable of. Ruth Evelyn channels in every layer of light available in the human construct for those here to live their life of the goodness within their own true nature and their purpose. The information you will meet through this channel is the level at which you are prepared and ready to receive, hear and move through as determined by your High Self. If you or your path are not ready and prepared through the experience of your natural growth, the information will not be released to you for the sake of your own growth of capacity and evolution. As you progress through your capabilities, you grow into greater and greater access to the who, why, what, when and where of your next phase(s).

Extended Sessions: The New Paradigm
Custom to Your Experience . Flexible Mentorship . In-the-Moment Guidance
(Lemurian Return's Mastering of the Art of Transformation and Custom Engaged Quantum Health only)
It isn't difficult knowing, understanding and becoming who you truly are. The steps for your personal evolution presented in these pages, sessions and services are already proven to move one from their human drama into living the human beingness that supports high functionality within community and relationship.

Yet, because you are a wholly unique expression, your experience is not like any other. Therefore, utilizing the foundation of ancient knowledge that applies to the Holographic System, Movement of Sound and Light, Natural Law and the trajectory of Being Well, your Sessions are customized with the added elements of information from your High Self, your Holographic Field, your Purpose, your current state of Well-Being, your Path and the Angelic Assistance that presents itself on your behalf. How quickly you come into mastery is determined by your commitment to your own follow-through in becoming your true self.

Designed with a single weekly session and a specified amount of time utilized throughout the week from Monday through Friday, Extended Sessions assist to fully strengthen and incorporate the true nature of You into your daily life by supporting your commitment to yourself with in-the-moment mentoring as questions arise.

Ruth Evelyn's goal in all her Sessions and Services is to provide the tools and information that you utilize to live confidently happy throughout the remainder of your life. It is the intent that, when your Sessions are complete, you move on to thrive and flourish without further assistance from her. To establish your stable foundation in forward movement, the number of Sessions custom to your specifc path are known to you before you begin your first session.




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