Restore and Magnify Your Core Confidence



1 Hour Session $200.00
  "Sensitive to feeling, seeing, hearing and knowing the vast information in a person's field of energy, I convey what is presented to me in the highest and best interest of those who seek the information that pertains to their current and next phase of experience. This allows the Recipient to let go of what no longer pertains, embrace what is Present and Ready to become matter (aka manifest), then step through their experience prepared to make their choices and decisions."
- Ruth Evelyn -
  • Divine response to questions you have about purpose/desires, goals and relationship(s) with expanded guidance through challenge.
  • Assessment of where you and the current alignments to your dreams/ goals are today.
  • Know the fundamental tone to attune your momentum with precision to your purpose/goals.
  • Know the single frequency that opens the door to the Original Intention of your True Nature and Life.
  • Time and timeline(s) - How to meet what is present and ready to manifest today and now.
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"I am thrilled you are doing intuitive readings again. Your messages are always profound and extremely thought provoking. I refer to my notes quite often myself from our past conversations." K.L.

"What you have done for me in our one session changed my life forever. Thank you!" M.H.

"I can't begin to tell you how much you've done for me through our sessions. You're amazing, Ruth!" A.M.

"Ruth, you helped me see the good in my life again. Thank you :) " T. L.

"Thank you for guiding me through the dark side. Much love and appreciation!!!!!!" G.M.



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