Lemurian Alchemy™ is facilitated through light. Sessions are highly effective and available as in-person or remote appointments for Clients living in the United States and Canada.

Remotely Viewed Sessions are often more helpful than on-site applications. This allows for direct connection with the highest energies available to you. Able to work outside your body's interference field of human trauma and drama, Ruth Evelyn pulls in the greatest source of information and force of healing specific to you and your path.

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Remote Sessions Available Worldwide

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Lemurian SILK™ Treatments
SILK: Self . Integration . Light . Knowing A powerful anti-aging, immune-strengthening and re-attunement combination, Lemurian SILK™ Treatments utilize the delicate, yet powerful, True Nature of Light to systematically return the memory of wellness to your physical body, heart and mind. Rather than fighting yourself through urges and bad habits to force change in your life, the full course of Lemurian SILK™ Treatments works from the depths of your hidden molecular memory to transmute all that is not attuned with the well-being you came here to live.

Lemurian SILK™ Treatments re-light the automatic pilot of well-being momentum for your life.While you live your life, your True Nature is at work reconfiguring on your behalf. You'll witness this natural course correction to well-being through recognizing the new and healthier choices in thought, nutrition, behavior and underlying happiness that surfaces without external reason.

Five (5) Lemurian SILK™ Treatments complete the activation and integration process. Scheduled 60 days apart, Lemurian SILK™ Treatments provide a gradual increase of the True Nature of Light in your physical system to safely establish lifelong ease in the partnership of you and well-being.

Initial Treatment: $90.00 Treatment #2: $65.00 Treatment #3: $80.00
Treatment #4: $65.00 Treatment #5: $65.00 Package (Incl all 5 Treatments) $325.00

Holographic Reading
In a whole systemic overview, this thorough Intuitive Reading is in communication with your holographic system. You will know the optimal attunements for aligning you with the original intention of this life experience, specific avenues for aligning the phase you are in today with what is working to manifest on your behalf and the three key frequencies that support you everyday in your daily activity and life goals. A truly inspiring experience, bring your questions, take notes and prepare for the uplift!

Holographic Reading (1.5-2 hours): $300.00 Recommended for those interested in, or are living, their Purpose and Whole Health Well-Being

Core Calibration
Working within the energy of your physical body, Core Calibration attunes your body to be more receptive to the light of your True Nature - the goodness of who you are. Utilizing the light of Well-Being in your own electromagnetic field, Core Calibration strengthens the partnership of your physical body with your Core Light of the Core Elements (Knowing, Believe, Confidence and Trust) and your own Holographic System.

Core Calibration: $300.00 Subsequent Sessions within 24 months: 125.00

System ReSet
Working within the systemic flow of your human holograph that is unique to you, Ruth will locate and "push the reset button" to re-align your mind and body into the present Now. You may experience temporary unwellness as the light of your true nature strengthens and transmutes that which no longer pertains in your today.

System ReSet: $115.00  

Crystalline Wash
This gentle wash of Crystalline Light is an emotional anti-inflammatory and will leave you feeling relaxed and calm. It is best to plan a few hours of rest or ease following a Crystalline Wash. Doing so will allow you to better process considerations for your day and life while in the potent presence of Crystalline Light resonating with your Angelic Divinity.

Crystalline Wash: $333.00 Completed Lemurian Shift, Key and SILK™ Clients: 222.00

Holographic Cleanse
Utilizing your Holographic Light, this energetic cleanse re-aligns the components within your holographic physical and non-physical system for optimal flow in the support of Mind-Body-Mind Well-Being. The Holographic Cleanse includes Core Calibration, System ReSet, Crystalline Wash, Intuitive Messaging for Well-Being attunement, initializing systemic transmutation of energies that no longer pertain and pulling forward manifestations present and ready to become physical.

Due to the intensity of the Holographic Cleanse, this service is done in meditation with your Holographic Field without your human presence. This is to ensure clarity of information as to how the light of your True Nature is helping you and your physical body, what it requires for optimal well-being and easier transmutation of personal limitations that may be in inhibiting your joy and happiness from flourishing. After completing the cleansing meditation, Ruth Evelyn will work within the communication of your System to generate a comprehensive written report that is emailed to you.

Holographic Cleanse with Written Report: $800.00
Completed Lemurian Shift, Key and SILK™ Clients: $600.00




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