Effortless Effectiveness
Mastering the Arts of Transformation


Mastering the Arts of Transformation is about becoming wholly skilled in manifesting through influence, sensory perceptions and being the proactive cause to your effects. By mastering these innate skills already within you, your navigation through life is an experience of agreement where paths are paved long before they become your physical circumstance.

In today's world of relationships and commerce, we are challenged with the evolution of great change. The obstacle course of unclear pathways, incongruent schedules and algorithms pre-determined by others, dictates living re-active rather than pro-active.

To effortlessly progress forward in today's environments, it is essential to unplug from what is untrue for you and plug into what is true for you - the true nature of you - where you connect into the empowerment of your natural insticts, true talents and innate skillsets, creating change at the root of all matter - vibration. You become the cause of Order to effectively transform what is ineffective for your highest, best - and swift - outcomes.

Lake Tahoe . Nevada
Phoenix . Arizona
Remote Sessions Available Worldwide

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Customized Extended Sessions (see information below) of 1 Mentoring Call per week plus On-Call managed availability for in-the-moment clarification as shifts occur
The number of Sessions is likely the minimum, rarely the maximum, custom to your specifc path and known to you before you begin your first session.

The Art of Having
Collapsing Time . The Magic of What Matters . Living the Dream
To master the Art of Having, your Custom Extended Sessions include:

  • Know the subtle sway of Breath, Vibration and the Outcome
  • Mentoring through Probabilities custom to you, Effortless Being that hastens dream into experience, and Time
  • Understanding Matter, What Becomes Matter and What Matters to and for You
  • Learn to recognize, comprehend and manage overwhelm, influx and empowerment in the Reality of Your Dream
  • Mastery in the Arts of Knowing, Believe, Confidence and Magnification
Extended Sessions: $333.00 per week (9-13 weeks to establish Alchemical Mastery)

The Art of Being
Resonance in Agreement . Accepting the Dream . Mastering Your Life
To master the Art of Being, your Custom Extended Sessions include:

  • Clarity in Natural Law as it applies to you and your experience
  • Mentoring through Your Code and Your Key to know and integrate your True Nature
  • Understanding your Holographic System's support of your every day
  • Learn how to work with your own System to create and maintain the safe environment where Beingness flourishes
  • Mastery in the Arts of Acceptance, Utilization, Agreement, Balance and Stability
Extended Sessions: $333.00 per week (12-28 weeks to establish Alchemical Mastery)
- Includes Your Code . Your Key workbooks and mentoring -

The Art of Doing
Alchemical Transformation . Elemental Influence . Move Those Mountains!
To master the Art of Doing, your Custom Extended Sessions include:

  • Know the values of Choice, Commitment, Certainty and their effect on Resonance and Freedom
  • Mentoring through transformative Alchemy, influencing the Elements and impactful Momentum
  • Understanding the Structure, Fluidity, Order and Flow of Synchronicity
  • Learn how to create, manage and achieve progress for Swift Outcomes
  • Mastery in the Arts of Access, Influence and Receptivity
Extended Sessions: $333.00 per week (12-18 weeks to establish Alchemical Mastery)

Extended Sessions: The New Paradigm
Custom to Your Experience . Flexible Mentorship . In-the-Moment Guidance
It isn't difficult knowing, understanding and becoming who you truly are. The steps for your personal evolution are already proven to move one from their human drama into living the human beingness that supports high functionality within community and relationship.

Yet, because you are a wholly unique expression, your experience is not like any other. Therefore, utilizing the foundation of ancient knowledge that applies to the Holographic System, Movement of Sound and Light, Natural Law and the trajectory of Being Well, your Sessions are customized with the added elements of information from your Higher Self, your Holographic Field, your Purpose, your current state of Well-Being, your Path and the Angelic Assistance that presents itself on your behalf. How quickly you come into mastery is determined by your commitment to your own follow-through in becoming your true self.

The Lemurian Return is a full paradigm shift when your external experience shifts to meet the strength and beingness of your internal experience. This is a life-change. To fully strengthen and incorporate the true nature of You into your daily life, your commitment to yourself is honored and supported through extended mentoring availability. Therefore, a Lemurian Return Session is customized for a specified amount of time utilized throughout the week from Monday through Friday.

As a paradigm shift, you will be guided in accordance with where you are now into feeling, knowing and being you.


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