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Ruth Evelyn is a high channel Intuitive working within the higher dimensional layers of the human holographic field. Accessing information of light at this level, she reaches into the layers where doubt, confusion, unclarity and disorder do not exist to provide clarity for you, your path and the well-being that exists for you.

For the best result of receiving your information, gaining clarity and turning yourself in the optimal direction with momentum for you and your life, your 'job' is to (1) relax, (2) know you are in a safe environment, (3) comprehend the focus of trajectory and outcome is your contentment, happiness, peace and well-being, and (4) you are a partner with life ready to empower yourself to reclaim stability under your feet, upright balance and clarity in connection with your self and your human experience.

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Remote Sessions Available Worldwide

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It is you who is the physical action part of your whole life experience. You will be provided information specific to you that pertains to your Today, your Path, your Synchronicities and what (if anything) is necessary to adjust, change or become so that you live the life you came here to experience. To meet synchronicities, moments important to your timelines and determinations for decisions, it is your believe, action and beingness that sets your course and speed. Once you are provided the information, it is up to you whether you believe in your self and take action, or not.

Your Session
Whether Remote or In-Person, be prepared to take notes and ask questions. This is your opportunity to converse with your High Self, the unseen Councils and Guides who appear on your behalf and, sometimes, the Collective who appear on behalf of our collective humanity.

Remote Sessions: Although she knows their holographic fields well, Ruth Evelyn has physically met less than 10% of her Clients. With Clients mostly in the U.S. and Canada, all energy work and Intuitive Sessions are highly effective as remote sessions via phone, email and meditative vibrational healing within your holographic field.

Phone: When requested ahead of time, Intuitive Sessions can be arranged through conferencing where recording applications are available.

Email: Intuitive Sessions with your Holographic System and your Guides in response to your emailed questions provide a written thorough messaging immensely helpful to read, re-read and refer to as you evolve through specific phases.

Meditative Vibrational Facilitation: Ruth Evelyn's work with the True Nature of Light has resulted in nerves growing back together in filleted fingers, life and movement returned to limbs made lifeless after stroke, whole system recalibrations and neutralization of negative agendas in meeting and negotiations of high-level Executives in medical and other industries, as well as government and military agencies - and more. It is necessary for you to treat Remote Sessions as if you and she are in the same room together. Hydrate, remain quiet for optimal result and do not drive or operate machinery for up to three (3) hours after a session.




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