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Intuitive Statement

Standing in retrospect, I can pinpoint various moments of experience where many around me could see my natural intuitive abilities and innate healing capabilities when I did not. It took an unexpected Angelic demand - a wake-up call with a clear tone - to shift into the course which led me away from conservative ways and into the dimensional world of intuitive sensing, fundamental tones, resonance and ancient ways of being as applied to today's modern world. For me to see who I am, believe what I am capable of and to finally trust my own innate confidence that moves mountains, I had to learn about and claim living the life of love, artistry, dimensional communication and well-being that matters.

It takes a lot for us to wholly believe in ourselves enough to authentically express, no matter what. Too often, the innate part of our true self has to navigate around the walls of false beliefs to come through the 'back door', so to speak, in order to get our attention to see and be in the better life that supports our giftedness and happiness. Dreams, nightmares, miracles and unexpected happenstance are brought to us courtesy of the higher self within each of us to break away from inhibiting behaviors that suppress true nature.

Shortly after the Angel commanded the choice of 'stay or die', a series of events changed my beliefs, perspectives, actions and direction with distinct forward motion and no way of turning back. Beginning with an unplanned move across the country, an increase in angelic communication and added sensory perception, I was thrust into learning how to move energy in the body during the treatment of my Brother's experience with ALS. Appearing at my Brother's house whenever I was there, an unnamed Stranger showed up because he was 'called to be there'. Gifted in working with light energy, structural alignments in the body and knowing when and where to be, this Man gave me the foundational knowledge that preceded my own experience of healing with light. I've since met moments where I've been able to reconnect nerves in fingers filleted to the joints and even receive a handshake from a 9-year stroke victim after bringing movement back into his 'lifeless' arm. When we connect with the true nature of our own innate beingness, we connect with what is true and healing through the empowerment of light.

As the years progressed, my drive to know more about light, vibration and why it matters became insatiable. Soon, I was immersed in the fullness of life rearranging itself to match the speed of progress that compelled me deeper into the unknown life controlling the human experience. People, opportunities and specific circumstance appeared at the perfect moments to clarify, test and expand the knowledge that propelled me. Then, I had to learn how to trust what I had learned and, more difficult, to trust my innate cognitions. To establish trust in one's intuitive nature, the evidence of proof is the experience of outcome gained through acute awareness of following the hidden process.

Throughout this journey into the unknown, it has been important to me that whatever I was learning must have practical association to the daily human life, or it held no point of purpose to spend time and energy on it. To that end, each and ever step I mentor a Client through is about improving personal self esteem to reclaiming their innate gifts and express authentically through the navigation of daily life. As I have learned, I now help others understand their access to their own expanded information and how to focus on what matters to their path that they move forward and faster into the happiness that fulfills them and increases the happiness in their world - which affects us all.

Ruth Evelyn

As a High Channel Intuitive, Ruth Evelyn is gifted in the vibrational arts for greater understanding and response-ability in the journey of path, purpose and destiny. For a magical whirl into your own shift into dimensionality, holographic dynamics and the Lemurian Way, visit The Portal and explore the world that supports order - and chaos - in your life.


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