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new72radio Mary Holden
January 14, 2016
Our Final Podcast!
Topics Covered in this Episode

Steps to Manifesting "The Dream" through Leveraging Universal Support
The Difference between Fate and Free Will; Conflict Resolution through Well-Being
Healing Disease through Well-Being; Individuality . Your 72 Frequencies
Attuning to Find Your Partner

"Thank you so much - I love the topics that you discuss!!...very helpful and exciting! In addition to discussing my favorite topics, you (Ruth Evelyn) and Mary Holden make a very dynamic duo to listen to! Very grateful that you are doing this - look forward to every episode to come!" Millen Livis

December 17, 2015 December 3, 2015

Topics Covered in this Episode
The Power of Words to Change the World . Chemistry of Neutral

The Center of Your Power
Strength of the Holographic Field . When is it Time to Stop Watching the News?
Making Friends with the Voice Inside . Access levels to Shadow and Light
Journey of the Soul into the Fetus . Choose Shadow, Choose Light - Do Something!
Your Unique Make-up . Soulular DNA and Human DNA . Divine Will and Human Will
Playful People . Role of Laughter on the Heart

Topics Covered in this Episode
Love Relationship of Self and self
Agape Love v Divine Design
Divine Design in the Body
Magic and Alchemy . Wonder of Magic
Knowing - Not Knowing
  November 19, 2015 November 5, 2015

"So grateful to know the ethers are vibrating with concepts that matter and empower in such a joyful (and yes, laughable) manner. To quote Mary, "enough is enough!"...let the good times roll." Eddie Cabral

Topics Covered in this Episode
Guest Host: Molly Wavra
Clearing Blocks . Metabolizing Pain
ReWorking Our Collective Pain
Why We Resist Goodness
Why Momentum of Changes Increase
Utilizing Pain to Be in Solution
Solutions Discovered From Within
Academic System of the Human Electromagnetic Field . Being v Doing
What's Beneath Our Violence . End Self Abuse
Coming in the Back Door to Eliminate Cancer Self Compassion . Now What?

Topics Covered in this Episode
How to Begin Knowing Self
Empowering Your Humanity
Holographic Influence and Protection
Natural Boundaries - Reassessing Life
Choosing Meditation Music
Steps to Ultimate Partnership
Honoring Self . Contributing Back
Effortless Manifesting and Living
No Fear Living

October 22, 2015 October 8, 2015 September 24, 2015

Topics Covered in this Episode
Dreams . Where Do I Go When I Dream?
The Transition of Dying


Topics Covered in this Episode
Rainbows . ROYGBIV
Chemical Interaction of Color and Sound
Dimensional Magic . Blue Calcite

Life of Freedom: Description of Its Reality

Topics Covered in this Episode
Numerology . Spice of Love . Dreams as Measurement . Believing in YourSelf . Engaging Process . Forgiving Frequencies . End of Bitterness and Anger . Re-Create Well-Being . Healing the Heart . Recovery and Reclamation . Joy!

"What a flood of Flowing Amazing Grace. I am being showered in the sparkles of Remembering when we first met in 2010 while I was living in Happehatchee and, you were in West Texas!. I love you and the beautiful glowing Grace of your voice and Loving Radiance!" Summer Om

September 10, 2015 August 27,2015 August 13, 2015
Topics Covered in this Episode
Whales . Cycles . Pets . Animal/Human Contracts . Your Pet Returning . Animals as Filters . Getting Real . Plants . Leveraging Shift
Angelic Mass Marketing
Protection of Equilibrium . Dreams as Precursors to Your Day
Topics Covered in this Episode
New and Now - Being in Change
Mind-Altering Substance Use
Updating Method, Modality and Connectivity
Topics Covered in this Episode
Elishia Clark . Emotional Stretching Heirarchy of Divine Law
Utilizing a Medium as a Conduit
Buying Your Car . Layers of Reality
"Thanks for the invitation. It was really uplifting to listen your conversation." Ema Florimon"
July 30, 2015 July 16, 2015 July 2, 2015



I need to listen to this a few more times. Fascinating! Love this show." Mary Burger

June 18, 2015 June 4, 2015 May 21, 2015

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