Entrepreneurial/Corporate Resume

With passion to understand the vibrational power that runs our lives, Ruth Evelyn's journey evolved into mastering the world of vibration within the holographic field of the human experience.

Building upon her years as a successful mentor in the corporate arena, consultant for entrepreneurial Executives and helping many through personal crisis management, Ruth Evelyn immersed herself in our unseen world to understand how our electromagnetic forces affect our daily lives. Enlisted by the hidden angelics appearing in her meditations, she adventured through intuitive expansion learning the systems of transendental light that support our human emotions, decisions, actions and well-being. .

Her journey has been an in-depth experiential education and mentoring in Frequencies of Emotion, In-body Ascension process, Enteric/Core Mind Alignment, Authentic Codes, the Self Vortex, Self Systems, Systemic/Holographic Wholeness, the True Nature of Light and the return of ancient masteries for living functionally content, happy, peaceful and balanced with flourishing stability. Utilizing expanded comprehension and conscious integration of the Natural Laws of Vibration, Transmutation and Cause and Effect, she is now living - and teaching others - the clear path of achieving dreams, desires and goals with self honor and purpose.  

Developer of Engaged Quantum Health program of paradigm shift for self action and purpose-full living, Ms. Evelyn’s portfolio includes the development of templates for Systemic Wholeness within personal and corporate structures and infrastructures; utilization of Lightceuticals true nature of light for systemic recovery; The Key, a holographic system of authentic expression, contribution and systemic wholeness; independent processes of Lemurian Alchemy for gentle integration of Well-Being in the human body; and mastery in effortless effective through The Lemurian Return.

"This is like having a cheat sheet for life!" Dr. Peter J. Farley

"Everything you've taught me has helped tremendously. It really has. I'm using these tools and am now helping others. Lives have shifted because of this. You need to know that!" Robert McCullough

"What you bring to the world is really different. This is big!" Denise Yee

In addition to writing her own curricula, Ruth contributes to our social uplift through her blog, New Paradigm . New Legacy. She has authored Quantum Dynamics Newsletter and the non-fiction self-expansion books Quantum Orgasm: A Celebration of Woman in the Sexual Freedom of Self, An Unseen Life: When the Extraordinary Becomes Ordinary and the Spirit Trilogy, three illustrated gift books of inspiration in the process of publication.

While pursuing her degree in Entertainment Business through the Los Angeles School of Film, Ruth stepped into her life goal and passion as a Writer in Film and Television. Mentored by key people with decades of industry experience, her screenplay, The Signature, is in development stage as they prepare for production. Ruth Evelyn is also writing The KeyMaster series, a dimensional tale about the Game of Humanity and the battle of Shadow and Light that determines the Game’s destiny.




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