Entrepreneurial Experience
Writer, Artist, Intuitive
Consulting, Freelance, Development
(Self Employed 17 years)


Corporate Experience
Banking, Medical Manufacturing,
Medical Distribution
, Insurance, Communication
(29 Years)


Writer see Ruth Evelyn Author

  • Screenplay (9 years)
    • In Development (1): The Signature, Para-Psychological Thriller Feature Film
    • Completed Specs (3): Supernatural Television Series, Psychological Thriller, Sci Fi Fantasy Adaptation
    • Writing: Para-Psychological Sequels (2); Romantic Dramedy, Historical Western, Series Adaptation, Sci Fi Feature Film series; MMOG (2) and Interactive Web Education (2)
    • Partnership: Ruth Evelyn and Robert Conner (2016-Present)
  • Fiction (15 years) The KeyMaster Sci Fi fantasy novel (pub 2012, 1st of 5 in series); Illustrated Gift Books (pub 2013-2017); Freelance Ghostwriter (2003-2006)
  • Self-Help (10 years) New Paradigm . New Legacy Blog (2017-present); Quantum Dynamics Newsletter (pub 2013-2015); Quantum Orgasm (pub 2013); An Unseen Life (pub 2007/2012); Threads of Evolution Blog (2008-2015); Articles (18, pub 2005-2014); Freelance Ghostwriter (2004-2006)
  • Technical (33 years) Education, Procedures, Policies, IT Systems

Artist see Ruth Evelyn Artist

  • Personal (15 years) Series/Style Development; Art  Shows/Displays; Illustration
  • Business (20 years) Video Production, Graphic Design, Website Development; Artist Representative;  Gallery Owner/Manager

Intuitive Experience see Ruth Evelyn Intuitive

  • Innate Clair-Cognition with 18-year escalation in telepathic communication within the human electromagnetic/light field (holographic system)
  • Consult (6 years) Genetic/Medical Research for Disease Cure, Business Development
  • Mentor (22 years) Executive Consultant, Personal Development, Suicide Prevention
  • Curriculum/Systems Development (15 years)  Business and Personal Systemic Wholeness, Core Confidence 
    • Corporate Core Dynamics: Core Alignments, Group Dynamics, Environments and Infrastructure. Leadership Development
    • Engaged Quantum Health: Frequency Facilitation, Language of Light, Self Systems
    • The Lemurian Way: Lemurian Alchemy, The Lemurian Code - The Key . Your Key, The Lemurian Return - Mastering the Arts of Transformation




  • Leadership; Team/Division Management: Contract, Sales, Customer Service; Employee Development; Division Start-up
    • 100% success Team Management achieving and surpassing company goals/standards (22 years)
    • Mentored Teams/Individuals through core self-development
    • Wrote Technical and Policies/Procedures (26 Manuals)
    • Designed two IT systems for implementation


  • Henry Schein, Inc. (Division Senior Management, Training and Expansion; Fortune 50)
  • CR Bard (Department Start-up, Procedures and Team Development, Contract Management, Manage Division Consolidation, Company Representation; Fortune 100)
  • SmartPractice (Division/Team Management, Product Launch, Systems Program Design, International Relations, Acquisition/Merger; Fortune 500)
  • Western Savings & Loan (Supervision/Management, Team Education/Development)


Los Angeles Film School (2015) BS Entertainment Business
Film Other (2012-2016) Aaron Sorkin Master Class; Mentored in Script Development for Feature Film and Television Writing; Screenwriting Courses; Documentary Filmmaking
Extended Education Courses (15 years)  Business Management, Psychology, Human Behavior
Entrepreneurial Upbringing (20 years)  Leadership, Teamwork, Production, Management

Member: International Screenwriters Association; The Table; Stage32



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