She's spiritual. He's criminal.
When beliefs collide, fate twists denial into truth

Born on the same day in the same town with vastly different socio-economic upbringings, these two human lives brush by one another, often. At the age of 22, Alia Swenson’s testimony is the reason Adam Smith is sent to prison. At 32, when Adam’s dimensional life escalates, Alia is the only person who can help save his Soul from ultimate darkness. Alia’s refusal to do so is a denial of her own Soul’s Agreement to help the Protector Angel who has served her throughout time – Adamara, the Soul of Adam Smith. Alia's life becomes twisted in Adam's hell.  
  • Feature Length . Spec Screenplay
  • Supernatural Thriller. Dimensional Storyline . Time Travel
  • WGA #1706542
  • San Francisco setting: US/Europe/Asia, Period and Dimensional Flashbacks
  • Significant Personal and Interpersonal Conflict
  • Writer: Ruth Evelyn


Twisted through centuries of
abandonment, deceit, betrayal and her own murder,
the roots of Emily's past must be cut to live happily in today's present

The first long stroke of midnight-blue paint traces along a light pencil line sketched on a clean canvas. It is the beginning of artist Emily Duparte’s new direction. Before she can move on, her past lives – full of wrongs to be righted – culminate in a tangled mess of mistakes, underhanded schemes and familiar strangers, where today’s decisions are rooted in a weave of long forgotten webs.  
  • Feature Length . Spec Screenplay
  • Suspense . Action . Time Travel
  • © PAu003833701
  • Writers: Ruth Evelyn and Robert Conner
  • Original Screenplay/Story: Ruth Evelyn

©2000-2020 Ruth Evelyn