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How strongly you believe in what you came here to say in your script/story and how determined you are to see it through into its full viability will shift your momentum of success by exponential degrees to the scope of life where preparedness meets opportunity - the place where magic happens!



  • Script Editing
  • Character Development
  • Complex Story Threads
  • Structure, Organization, Flow and Continuity
  • Adaptation
  • Synopsis
  • Series Bible
  • Treatment


  • Dimensional Storylines
  • Inspirational
  • Supernatural
  • Thriller, Suspense, Action
  • Historical Fiction
  • High Concept
  • Light Humor



"I utilize my  background in business, creativity and processing into now-years of yesses, to help your voice be heard in your story while molding your script into a viable product." Ruth Evelyn  

Your Project . Your Dream . Your Commitment . You are your project's advocate. Processing a project into filmed and distributed fruition involves approximately 100 people - often more. Of those 100, 10% will be reviewing, judging and editing your story long before your project gets the greenlight. The likelihood of you ever meeting more than a few of those gatekeepers before the final yes is slim.

It will be you - and not everyone else - who will be doing the internal dance between being your own self-saboteur - or - being your story's champion in the collaboration that is your dream and story's outcome.


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