ISBN-10: 1492104876
ISBN-13: 978-1492104872
SoftCover: 172 pages  

Quantum Orgasm:
A Celebration of Woman in the Sexual Freedom of Self

“Quantum Orgasm has some truly thought-provoking ideas for the path to self-discovery…explores the unseen reality of the true self…contains genuine wisdom and a very positive message about being true to oneself.” ForeWord Clarion Review

In the manifestation world of vibration becoming matter, Spirituality and Sexuality are a singular thread – a frequency of resonance drawing together through which the non-physical becomes physical. When first inside the body as light and nurtured through Knowing, Believe, Self Confidence and Trust, this essence anchors into a life to become the invaluable value your material world flourishes in.

“What lies beneath all things is the vibration that becomes what matters.”
Ruth Evelyn

In the unseen language of light, sound and tone attract and repel infinitesimal particles, sorting and condensing into the well-defined matter our world is. In the unseen world of emotional frequencies swirling in the atomic and cellular system your body is, these infinitesimal particles becoming matter are the experience you live. This experience is determined solely on the resonance your internal beingness is magnifying as the beacon that attracts and repels at the base level of sound and tone – the frequency of light at which your unseen experience vibrates.

“Through sound and tone, the vibration of light is constantly managing equilibrium in your electromagnetic field in its natural process of physical and non-physical well-being. Any natural process out of sync with itself is the cause of unwellness – systemic, emotional, mental, financial, etc. It’s the argument within ourselves, in relationships and throughout the world.”
Ruth Evelyn

Quantum Orgasm merges the divine essence of your light – your true nature – with your physical beingness and body to reclaim the voice and life you came here to live. It is the basis for reclaiming your Self and manifesting the more agreeable day to day living. It is the birth of your personal equilibrium.


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