Dimensional Living
Everyone exists in their own holographic universe that is a world of their own collection of information creating their unique perspective. In any given moment, your own experience and view is from the dimensional layer that most resonates with your engaged relationship with the physical world outside of you. If you are feeling ease, you are in agreement with your physical experience. If you are in unease, you are in disagreement with your physical experience.

Most of us live the experience of disagreement - or unresonance - between our external experience and our inner perceptions. It is when we consciously reach the point of (1) claiming the end of the disagreeing life, (2) turn our curiosity toward a compelling 'better' or (3) are ready to meet a synchronicity planned in our Original Intention, that greater Dimension(s) - our Higher Self - kick in (activate, come online, trigger, etc.). We then embark on a very exciting, confusing and sometimes never-ending journey upward.

Determining factors for an enjoyable vs an un-enjoyable experience are (a) where you are when you begin, (b) where you are meant to 'settle in' for this life experience and (c) your resistance to becoming the experience you intended when you entered into this human life.




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