The Field
The human body is encased in an electromagnetic field called the Human Holograph. It is a non-physical system that operates the automated well-being of your physical experience. Known to science as the electromagnetic field, this system of light contains all the information of your past, present and future. It is The Source that communicates with you, nourishes you, supports and protects you. The stronger your conscious partnership is with your own source field, the better your relationships are, the faster your manifestations arrive and the deeper you experience lasting peace.

Engaging the Holograph
The Human Holograph is the non-physical flow through which your better physical experience is rooted. The more fully you engage in your true nature, the more you and your life automatically rise in vibrational quotient to meet and live in the optimal experience you came here to have. Shifting your life from a genetic-driven experience to a light-driven experience is an adventurous journey into your own deeper realms and greater heights.

The Key - Your Key
For a do-it-yourself "I'm getting it right and never coming back again" experience, go directly to "The Key". Jump in and do not look back! The Key is a full conscious integration of your true nature. Old, detrimental thoughts and habits dissipate, never to return again. Old 'worlds' fall away as you step into You and the Original Intention you set for this life. Everything you do through integration of Your Key changes the trajectory and momentum of your present and future lifetimes!!

Lemurian Alchemy
If you're not all that enthused about pro-actively working through your stuff, Lemurian Alchemy provides facilitated services working on your behalf. Sit back, relax and let the True Nature of Light transmute the low energies you've accumulated. Although the process is much slower than the two-way hit of your proactive work on the surface and the hidden alchemy of your true nature's underground shift of The Key experience, Lemurian Alchemy is highly effective in overriding low vibrating habits and all that no longer pertains in your life today.

The Lemurian Return
Our ancient memory remains intact and dormant in the recesses of our subconscious mind. Through the Lemurian Return sessions, you will resurface your innate knowing of living effortlessly, strengthening telepathically and manifesting consciously as your re-engage the ancient alchemical arts of Having, Doing and Being.

Engaged Quantum Health (EQH)
If you REALLY desire to change your life with a complete overhaul, Engaged Quantum Health is a full engagement of Your Human Holograph and thorough replacement of all that does not support Your True Nature flourishing in this world. You will engage yourself within relationship and community, but it will be completely on your terms. End of Story.



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