Advanced Alchemy
For the alternative therapies Practitioner - or those who are familiar with and utilizing vibration, resonance, alignments and attunements - Lemurian Alchemy™ puts you back on course, transmutes residual information that no longer pertains to your life and/or catapults you into position to take your place in Order within the Collective Greater Good.

Course Correction
With the increased momentum of our changing humanity, it is easy to suddenly find yourself out of step with the trending empowering light waves. Lemurian Alchemy™ will reset the light current in your mind-body-mind to match the momentum and calibrated resonance of humanity's updated and present-day elevated light quotient.


Residual Transmutation
To fine-tune the effectiveness of your clarity, healing gifts and self care, Lemurian Alchemy™ utilizes the True Nature of Light to amplify the vibrational resonance of your empowered light current at the atomic layer to transmute and override all genetic inheritance that no longer pertains to your desired experience.

The Greater Good and You
Many who are well-schooled in the alternative therapeutic arts are experiencing an internal urge to move beyond their current knowledge, practice or location - without clarity as to what that means, nor understanding the where, why and how. The alchemical empowerment in all advanced services and sessions move you into the next phase with greater connection and instruction from The Collective to honor and step into the role you have been waiting for - and that is prepared and waiting for you!

Advanced System ReSet
In focus with your Holographic System, Ruth Evelyn works with your High Self to reset your systemic flow. This amps up the momentum of your electromagnetic energy in, around and through your body. Ruth will convey all information presented to her on your behalf to re-set perception, self care and path trajectory.

Advanced Lemurian SILK™ Treatments
SILK: Self . Integration . Light . Knowing A power-full course of treatment to establish Well-Being in the physical body, three (3) Lemurian SILK™ Treatments on the body of an individual already attuned to living in high vibration increases the momentum of anti-aging, extensive elevation in clear thought and amplitude, as well as easy access to Joy, Equilibrium, and of course, Well-Being. Scheduled 45-60 days apart, Advanced Lemurian SILK™ Treatments provide a swift increase of the True Nature of Light in your physical system while safely establishing lifelong ease in the partnership of you and the well-being of your Holographic System.

The Greater Good and You Intuitive Session
If you are feeling called to create, work or participate as part of the Collective Leadership in the path of overall greater good for humanity's well-being, this intuitive session will define the role you play, purpose or preparation and when to expect your role in our collective evolution to begin, alter or elevate.




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