Your Lemurian Code
Fulfilled through the processes of the electromagnetic field, energy centers in the body and self expression, your Lemurian Code is a uniquely personalized and powerful light vibration organized in a set of frequencies that support you in fulfilling all that you came to have, do and be.

Moving through your internal and external body, your Lemurian Code is a specific system in process that heals, guides and catapults you into well-being while living your every day. It's use is practical and necessary for those who desire to understand their lives and bring about lasting peace, happiness and joy - while living within relationships and community.



The integration of your Lemurian Code is bringing yourself into enlightenment and living fully engaged in relationship, community, purpose and self honor. Navigating direction and challenge becomes a walk in higher vibration where the ease in communication, solutions, confidence and trust become everyday normals. To get there, begin by stepping through the threshold and into the world of your True Nature - your real reality - and the way the Ancients of Lemuria lived as their innate way of being.


Deciphering Your Code
As with any code of hidden mystery, your Lemurian Code is layered with protections, filled with symbolic language to decipher and concealed beneath the surface of your current reality. Staying out of sight for safe-keeping, navigating your Code is a journey of self discovery, joyful expansion, purpose and fulfillment that flips you from your genetic-driven living to your light-driven living. It's a new look at life requiring new thought and new ways to walk through your every day. You need a map!

The Key
Just as the body is coded to automatically process blood, breath and food in specific steps to keep you physically alive, your Lemurian Code contains pre-set processes with specific steps that build foundation and strength to support and nourish your enjoyed life. The Key is the map that guides you through your Code's automated flow and steps that you may actively participate and wholly become your authentic expression. Your Key is the map that lets you see and be You - wholly.

Stepping through the threshold into your Internal Vortex, The Key guides you to walk into your internal world to meet and partner with each frequency, element, aspect, portal and layer of your Original Intention that you organized to support and protect you throughout this lifetime. In the end, you will be living in the environment of your own equilibrium - the place where your foundational happiness and peace is ever-present, emotional pain is fleeting, solutions appear from nowhere and high resonance becomes the vibrational filter sorting out what does not fit while pulling in what does fit - without your awareness. Your peace becomes consciously ever-lasting.



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