Word Origin: C14 alkamye, via Old French from Medieval Latin alchimia, from Arabic al-kimiya, from al (the) + kimiya (transmutation), from Late Greek khemeia the art of transmutation

Alchemy is the art of transmutation. Skilled in the art of transmuting, Ruth Evelyn's Lemurian Alchemy™ powerfully transmutes low, inhibiting vibration and attunes the vibration of your physical and non-physical body to the natural alignment of your well-being.


Well-Being: a good or satisfactory condition of existence; a state characterized by health, happiness and prosperity; welfare

The state of health, happiness and prosperity is an individual perception. Your holographic wholeness holds the vision of what this is for you in its grandest scale. Lemurian Alchemy™ works directly with the vibrational frequency of Well-Being that is already in your life design to reconnect and reintegrate the state of health, happiness and prosperity that supports your unique life intention.

Mind-Body-Mind Well-Being
Convergence of the external holographic energies (your electromagnetics) enter the body at the perineum. From the perineum to the base of the sternum, this light is at its most potent and natural wellness. As the Core component of your physical body, its functional flow is the foundation that supports the well-being of your core contentment, heart happiness, the peace within your mind and the equilibrium of your internal/external experience.

This foundational Core of you includes the larger brain - the enteric brain - of your physical system where emotions either run amuck or become your strategic partner. The health and wellness of this low mind - the manyu vasti (mind of the low belly) - supports aligned well-being in the heart. Together, contentment within your sacred core and happiness within your balanced heart compel high brain function into your peaceful, friendly mind.

When balanced and stabilized, the well-being of your low mind, heart body and high mind (Mind-Body-Mind) establish equilibrium, whereupon your daily life is lived in productive happiness of your dreams and desires.


Holographic Alchemy
The human holograph is comprised of several elements coming together to form your electromagnetic field. 85% of your holographic system is non-physical.

While your body is the physical experience that captures your attention, the larger part of you is well, and pulsating well-being, without your required awareness. It is our emotional genetic accumulation that keeps all that goodness from being effective in our lives.

Lemurian Alchemy™ processes utilize the well-being of your non-physical system to bring your physical system into vibrational alignment with it. Through configurations of the natural law, the alchemical processes ofLemurian Alchemy™ trigger the integration of your own true nature's light deep within your molecular structure. This integration establishes the transformative frequencies of Well-Being.

From inception of empowering the light of true nature through Lemurian Alchemy™ processes, the intelligence of your own electromagnetic well-being sets course to remove the inherited genetic memory of unwell-being that no longer pertain to the well-being of your current life.

Layers of Light
The divinity of light is seriously powerful. When Ruth Evelyn began working with the True Nature of Light, her education escalated to include comprehension of various layers, their already established healing intentions and how each level of light is systemically unique.

In Lemurian Alchemy™, the layers of light utilized are Core Light, Crystalline Light, Holographic Light and the True Nature of Light. Each has its own power, purpose and internal elements to assist in attuning your physical and non-physical bodies with congruent resonance within the environment of wholeness where Well-Being flourishes.



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