Core Contentment . Heart Happiness
Peace of Mind . Environmental Equilibrium


True Nature
We often think of our base personalities as coming from our genetic inheritance. Spending years working at being individual, we all arrive at the moment(s) when our gestures, words and reactions are the same - or similar - to our close genetic family members.

In reality, the unique traits of who you are come from the holographic field that spins in, around and through you every day, all day. You are immersed in this contained field of light - which is your own full spectrum of light. It is You, in expanded vision, encompassing more than the human mind can comprehend. You are light. It is the True Nature of You.


ME (My Experience)
While your DNA contains physical traits, inherited habits and emotions, it also contains a plan for your demise in the form of disease-genetics and age-related thought programming. Your genetic uniqueness is a shared experience that is not, and never will be, wholly individual.

You are the only person experiencing your experience. No one else - not one other human being - has the perspective, traits and talents you have. The one thing that makes you completely unique from any other individual, is your Lemurian Code - and your Lemurian Code contains the plan for your well-being, purpose and fulfillment.

IF you are experiencing a compelling internal push to walk a path of higher purpose or true well-being, the Lemurian Code you designed has come alive to support your inner call. By learning about and engaging this internal code of your own True Nature, your light bypasses the genetic energies that no longer pertain to your life experience. You will heal pain-filled memories faster, partner with the human experience in a naturally higher vibration and gain perspective on yourself and others where doubt does not exist.

The Key
Your Lemurian Code is comprised of Frequencies of Light that are your base personality as light, Aspects of Self Honor and your personal Contribution to Humanity as foundations for loving yourself, living happily engaged in relationships, enjoying your heart-felt purpose-filled career and giving in service to our collective well-being. Your Code includes Quadrants of Realty for everyday support in practical matters, Portals of Communication that filter through vibrational resonance, as well as layers of coding that are your Core strengths, values and more.

Utilizing what is already coded in your own light as Your True Nature brings congruent ease into your daily living. It's no longer necessary to 'figure out' who you are, why you are here and what direction to step. Living the aware life of your Lemurian Code is living as the Ancients did in Lemuria. You'll know You with certainty and get on living productively - fulfilled and with momentum!



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