Effortless Effectiveness
Mastering the Arts of Transformation


Return of Mastery
The World is prepared and ready for Your Voice and Expression to be integrated into our evolution. We are ready for - and have been expecting - you - to be your authentic imprint, to manifest your dreams with ease and to contribute the essence of you that adds your value to all that is.

Your Unique Experience
You are a unique expression of vibration and experience like no other. Your exclamation to value and be of value, matters.

As your unique expression of vibration condenses into the physical matter of this world, You - your unique authenticity - becomes matter - the physical expression of your vibration - the fundamental tone of how you think of yourself, your beingness, your direction. This is your value, which is value - and valuable - to us all.

When you appreciate the value of your unique expression as the experience you live, you increase in that value - you elevate. When you elevate in knowing, being and expressing your value, your added appreciation elevates our collective humanity. We appreciate - and value - every elevating resonance of your unique expression. You matter.

When you live in appreciation for, and of, your true nature, your innate gifts and the unique skillset you carry within, you add to the collective mix of our human force, source and resource. You are a value-added resource within our humanity. When you discount you - in any manner - you discount value in resonance, flow and fruition. Recognition of the value within, and being the value that you are, increases the resonance of attracting factors within your vibration. You sound and feel - resonate - sweeter, kinder and more at ease to yourself and - through resonance - to others. Ease becomes what and how you matter, become matter and manifest. Effortlessly.

Through Ease - a movement of vibration - a frequency - flow has no objection - or obstacle - to inhibit its momentum. Action to manifest isn't forced. Action manifested in, around and through Ease is a process magnified by the unique expression of fundamental tone within your specific and personal code of the true nature within you. You manifest through knowing, believing and being You - recognized, valued and appreciated - by you - with ease. Ease-y.

Natural Ease
When you relax the body you exist in, your mind - the mental experience in the brain in your head - will then relax - and not before. Therefore, establishing ease, well-being and the elevated value of your unique expression of vibration - fundamental tone - within the body of your physical experience, is the foundation of your innate resource of ease. It is natural to you. Ease is innate within you.

Living the Mastery
Within the natural ease of your innate true nature is the thread of memory reaching back into your experience as an enlightened Being of Lemuria and Atlantis. Within these ancient roots, you know you are skilled beyond our current human capacity. You know the technology we use today is only just beginning to enter into the realm of machinery and equipment you took for granted so very long ago. For us to once again reach the comfort and ease of our once-upon-a-time effectiveness, we must - individually and collectively - remember, re-attune and re-integrate the internally empowered skills natural to you into our external experience. Your individual mastery is You being of service to our dimensional human race.

You are a unique expression of vibration - your fundamental tone - in movement and physical form that holds the memory of your ancient mastery. Coded within you is the specific formula of light frequencies ready to return your current life to the ease of living that your ancient memory holds. Our world is ready for your mastery to return to you. Then, you can share the magnificence of your true nature with our world.

You matter. You are value. Elevate.



©2000-2020 Ruth Evelyn