Fundamental Tone . Alchemical Resonance
Integrated Wholeness . Systemic Well-Being


An ancient civilization pre-dating Atlantis, the landmass of Lemuria is now the ocean floor of the Pacific Rim. Surrounded by what is called "The Ring of Fire", there is a 'call' ringing through our Lemurian memory guiding us into our innate way of being. The people of Lemuria naturally lived in a heightened state of evolution. While we often surmise their technologies as far advanced beyond our current capabilities, Lemurians simply accessed the innate empowerment still available to us all - the inner light of our own true nature.

Innate Being
We are natural light. We are the electromagnetic field of our human body. When we as light leave our body, the body ceases to operate. We are - as light - the operating system of our entire physical world. Through being ourselves as light, we communicate with our sensory abilities, move or stop the fluidity of flow and comprehend moments where a choice is made in the flash of thought. Light is our true nature, who we are and how we operate with ease. Living through and as ourselves as light is our sweet spot - our innate way of being.



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