Mind-Body-Mind Well-Being
In the human electromagnetic holographic field of integrated light and body, Well-Being is the nature that is the nurturing support through which you thrive and flourish. Your wholeness holds the vision of what this is for you in its grandest scale.

In the True Nature of who you are, living within the cohesive agreement between your Intuitive Mind (the enteric brain), your Social Mind (the brain in your skull) and your Heart Mind (the mind that engages like-heartedness) allows your whole beingness to pull in what resonates, filter out what does not and manages your days with functional ease.


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Personal Mentorship
Personal Mentorship (6-12 months) To proactively claim and reclaim your own state of Well-Being with confidence to more easily manage Balance in your daily living, Ruth Evelyn engages to connect you with the innate skills you already have in you. Guiding you to utilize the tools hidden in your own systemic Well-Being, she assists to

Fine-Tune Your Greater Wisdom . Know the Gifts You Bring to Humanity
Believe Trust and Where Its Truth Lies Within You . Release the Magic of Your Inner Voice with Confidence

All Mentoring is personalized to your specific path or calling. Call for your initial consultation.

Path and Purpose
Path and Purpose For those moments when you just want clairty, guidance or direction through a phase or situation, Ruth Evelyn engages with that higher part of you where clear thought still exists, the information of right action that defines your best route through and, the optimization aligned with the relevance, reason and resonance guiding you to your inner voice, true path and your natural well-being.


Individual (personal path) $150/hr
Couples (relationship) $275/hr
Business/Executive Consult (leadership/infrastructure alignments) $500/hr



Whether you are an individual, a couple or a inquiring for a business or project, Ruth Evelyn engages within what is true for you, your path and optimal Mind-Body-Mind Well-Being.

Mind-Body-Mind Balance
Mind-Body-Mind Balance For the more gentle approach to self and body reclamation of your natural state of Well-Being, Ruth Evelyn provides remote session vibrational healing. These powerful and effective cleanses, systemic rebalancing and system resets, engage to attune, align and re-engage the underlying cause of Well-Being your true nature is.

Mind-Body-Mind Alignment $140.00
This systemic adjustment integrates balance within the flow of core-heart-brain-self to strengthen your immune system and promote clear thought.

Core Calibration $70.00
Align your inner beingness with the original intention of your purpose for this lifetime. This process prepares the body to integrate the high vibration of your true nature.

System ReSet $90.00
In communication with your human holograph, the System ReSet re-aligns mind and body into the present Now.

Crystalline Wash $150.00
This gentle wash of crystalline light is an emotional anti-inflamatory. It will leave you feeling relaxed and calm.

Holographic Cleanse $250.00
Utilizing your holographic light, this energetic cleanse re-aligns the components within your system for optimal flow in support of mind-body-mind well-being.

Light/Body Balance $130.00
In-Person Session only. This is an personalized instructional session of physical movement with gentle body balancing and light integration. Wear comfortable clothing.

SILK Treatments $100.00 (1 session) $270.00 (3 session pkg)
A powerful anti-aging, immune-strengthening and re-alignment combination, SILK sessions utilize the delicate, yet powerful, True Nature of Light to systemically return the memory of Well-Being into your genetic memory for lasting systemic wholeness. Session 1 activates. Session 2 strengthens. Session 3 initializes auto-pilot transformations you will experience in the natural shift of eating habits, continuously extended periods of calm, periodic elevation of resonant lasting ease.



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