Core Magnetics
Every biological unit has an electromagnetic field that is its key source of energy. This electromagnetic field is the greater component that runs life. Without it, the body ceases to operate. The imbalance between this light and the physical biology creates un-well-being.

Balanced well-being is the pilot light feeding the body at its central core. This core strength is naturally confident as it exudes from within. In the power of your system's natural flow, this well-being expands, magnifies and attracts resonant frequencies to be with, and play with, the core well-being of others. This is the foundation that aligns you with your true desires.

In the living entity of a business, the electromagnetic field and core magnetics are a culmination of all electromagnetic fields of every biological unit associated with that endeavor - from the owner, the employees, customers and community to all thoughts, intentions and emotions held within the company association. These energies affect equipment, product, departmental relationships, growth and reputations. Aligning this foundation aligns your Teams and Company with desired results.

Humanity in Progress
Ruth Evelyn believes in the greater capacity of the human mind. Humans have been very innovative over the last 200 years - especially, the last 20. Now that we have evolved technically, its time to evolve biologically.

In our current state, humanity's emotional biology is keeping us pinned to the ground. We are heavy with emotional patterns that no longer pertain to who we are or where we are going. By tapping into the light technology of our own human holographic system, we open to the full capacity of our true nature and what we can be in a singular - and collective - lifetime. In this expansion, confidence in what we bring to the table of life magnifies.

Shifting the Paradigm
The world at large is changing on every level. We are both the driving force changing us and the vehicle being driven by change. It is necessary to utilize human light technology to remain ahead of the curve. It begins with the integration of holographic light into our own bodies, which heals the heart, calms the mind and allows confidence to flourish. Being confident increases innovation, kindness, balance and more. By expanding our light capacity, we expand the capacity of the mind and human well-being. With engaged use of our holographic system, we create exponentially - collectively remaining ahead of the technology curve.

Changing the Legacy
The electromagnetic system is naturally confident. It's flow and power are natural transmuters of un-well-being - patterns that inhibit, threaten or damage. The human mind will override what it does not comprehend. It inhibits, threatens and often damages the natural core magnification of your true nature. This internal tug-of-war between you and You is the initial conflict promoting insecurity, inhibition and un-well-being in you.

Acknowledged allowing of the true nature light in the human holograph to integrate in our human lives has resulted in established core confidence. Established core confidence opens doors to expanded opportunity and provides the foundation of enriched flourishing. This, in turn, nourishes the heart and allows the mind to be friendly within the light/body partnership. Trust in the relationship of body-heart-mind changes how we interact within ourselves, in relationships and in the world at large.

All of this changes how we treat ourselves, how we teach people to treat us, how we treat one another and how humanity evolves. More importantly for our current evolution, we establish a changed world that our current and future generations of the human mind can stay ahead of the technology we create. We remain confidently human.




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