Core Magnetics
The physical nature of you - your body and the composition of your genetic disposition - make up approximately 15% of the wholeness of you. The other 85% is non-physical - a pulsating, flowing systematic process of various vibrations in the spectrum of light. The whole system of you is You. You are a whole contained biological unit with an electromagnetic field of light accessible to you at all times. This is your physicality and your dimensionality - your humanness and your divinity.


The Non-Physical You
This dimensionality of you is You. It is light that is the electromagnetic field around you, enters the body, runs tandem alongside your DNA and exits the body through the crown in a full-flow connection of support. When you integrate the conscious knowledge this light has about you for your well-being, your inner knowing is the confident voice that motivates your choices, steps and the life you attract.




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