What is in front of us is not what it means,
and what it means is not in front of us.

- Ruth Evelyn -


Shift the Paradigm to Change the Legacy
To truly change your life - and the world - the full and complete shift out of old paradigm genetic-inheritance experience and problem solving is completely necessary. Stepping into your light-based human experience with present- and future-focus, changes the way you look at things, how you arrive at solutions and the impact you have within your own self, your relationships, your community and, ultimately, the world. You leave behind more than a carbon footprint. The love that comes through the light of your true nature heals you first, then heals others.  

Change the Legacy to Shift the Paradigm
As we face unprecedented upheaval in our global emotional society, it is easy to consider we have little to no impact that will make a difference. That view is incorrect. Every human body is encased in a field of light. By connecting with and strengthening your own vibrational experience with empowerment of healing frequencies such as love, well-being, joy, grace and more, you not only change your life, you also affect change within the entire system of human light. By shifting your paradigm, you change your genetic and energetic legacy. Your change impacts others through their own light, which compels their change from within. Your impact on others is greater than your human mind's capacity will ever wholly comprehend.



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