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The KeyMaster: In the Beginning

"In this sweeping tale of spiritual discovery, The KeyMaster by Ruth Evelyn, angelic beings play a cosmic game with human souls at stake. Ely Elyohm, brightest champion of the Light, incarnates as a mortal human boy to battle the evil mastermind of darkness, Roth Rothyanomon. But Ely’s deep rage toward Roth may prove disastrous for humanity as good and evil struggle for supremacy. The KeyMaster features a cinema-ready, action-packed climax that is sure to entertain." - ForeWord's Clarion Review

The dimensional story of The KeyMaster is a 5-book/screenplay sci-fi fantasy series set in the Meadow between the Rose and Crystal Mountains in the Western Americas of Earth. This present-day adventure threads through time as the Realms of Light orchestrate manouevres to weaken and overtake Shadow's grip on the Game of Humanity...only to discover the truth of Shadow's hold is rooted in the depths of Soul and cannot be overcome without engagement of the Human will.

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