The Story of the Pendulum

In the adventurous sci fi fantasy series, The KeyMaster, young Tucker Mills and his best friend Jake are gifted pendulums as they step into the magical world of Mastery. The pendulum of the beautiful Elianne, Guardian of the Elemental world of Gaianan, is made of "Malachite, Moonstone and Lemurian Jade dangling gently from the delicate rope spun of platinum and copper threads" she wears around her waist. And, the mysterious neighbor, Caleb Dane, confers with his pendulum often while in the human world of Finites living in the Meadow between the Rose and Crystal Mountains.

In the days of ancient Egypt, the Pendulum was a tool used by Oracles and Masters of Mystery.

Kings and Queens would consult trusted Intuitives of their day. The Intuitives would consult their pendulums to confirm their own knowing when advising others.

While the Pendulum can appear as a magical, mysterious 'toy',
it works with the vibration in, around and through magnetic fields
where sound, thought and emotion affect its performance.

Ruth Evelyn began using pendulums in 2002. Not long after, she learned that her mood and thoughts would affect her pendulum's responses. Through education of the electromagnetic field of the human body, Ruth attained less and less false positives and false negatives as she disengaged the high mind of the brain. Attuning her pendulum use to the enteric brain (he epicenter of the human holograph), Ruth has developed trust in the communication within the relationship of her intuitive body (the electromagnetic field) and the pendulum.


The History of Dowsing


This picture is from the 1913 Dowsing Congress, which shows us Dowsers use not only the divining rod to search what they are looking for, they also utilize the Pendulum.

The American Dowsing Society


The Pendulum Swinger by the Indigo Girls

  “It doesn’t come by the bullwhip.
It’s persuaded with your hands on your hips.
Not the company of gunslingers.
The epicenter love is the Pendulum Swinger.”

Indigo Girls “Despite Our Differences” Album
2006 words and music: Emily Saliers

Making pendulums since 2008, Ruth encourages others in the development of the physical and non-physical relationship within their own holographic systems. To assist in the process, she creates custom pendulums specifically suited to the information engaged within the individual electromagnetic field.


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