It does not matter the grandeur of our dreams, desires and goals,
how strongly we feel we have a greater life or calling,
how deeply we believe or how desperately we want things to change,
no system, process or spiritual belief is able to hand us
the fullness of our dreams naturally vibrating at high frequencies
as long as actions and emotions are vibrating at low frequencies.

- Ruth Evelyn -


Welcome to the New Paradigm of Manifesting through Light
With humanity adjusting to advances in digital technology, human capacities are ready for expansion in the natural electromagnetic systems in, around and through the human body. Offering opportunity and courses of action to shift away from your old paradigms of genetic traits that determine your behaviors and outcomes, this site outlines information and services that catapult you into your new paradigm where use of your own empowered light manifests dreams and desires far beyond your current human comprehension.

To navigate your way through understanding and choices, begin with The Paradigm Shift to know more about Dimensionality and The Human Holograph. Then, re-discover your ancient roots of The Lemurian Way, Your Code and the Art of Effortless Living as experienced in The Lemurian Return.



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