Roots . Foundation . Experience
With passion to understand the vibrational power that runs our lives, Ruth Evelyn's journey evolved into mastering the world of vibration within the holographic field of the human experience.

Building upon her years of leadership as a successful mentor in the corporate arena, consultant for entrepreneurial Executives and helping many through personal crisis management, Ruth Evelyn immersed herself in our unseen world to understand how our electromagnetic forces affect our daily lives.

Today, she applies the full foundation of her experience to nurture the stories that bring our dimensional Game of Humanity to vivid and awe-inspiring life!

Born and raised in Phoenix Arizona, Ruth Evelyn is the fifth of seven children. They were a middle-class family of nine dedicated to Sundays in the Episcopal church, public school education, sports programs and entrepreneurial leadership. She married, raised three children and shifted into single parenting while her two youngest were in high school. After her thirty-year corporate experience in small and Fortune-ranked companies, Ruth turned to her creative nature, which led her to her entrepreneurial spirit, the discovery of deeply innate artistry and back to her first passion - writing.

Throughout self-discovery of her innate non-corporate nature, the deep thought of daily journaling propelled Ruth into the study of natural law - particularly, the Law of Vibration, which in turn led to the Law of Transmutation and, ultimately, the hands-on daily application of understanding the Law of Cause and Effect - and, most importantly, what all this quantum, spiritual, unseen world had anything to do with the practical human activities of going to work, communicating in relationship and paying the bills. Learning the intricacies of how these three foundational laws of life work with one another, she discovered the Law of Attraction is the wish and the dream, but these base laws of vibration, transmutation and cause and effect are the worker bees that allow natural attraction to work in one's favor!

Ruth Evelyn also discovered that, while she is naturally creative, she possesses an innate resonance with structure, organization and flow, which allows her to easily sense the systemic processes and functions of our hidden world vibrating in support of the daily human experience. By applying the gathered understanding to her own life, then documenting the experience, Ruth developed Engaged Quantum Health when others began witnessing her results and requested her to write down the steps for application into bettering their own lives.

Now, having developed the self-empowering programs and services of Engaged Quantum Health, The Key, The Lemurian Return and Lemurian Alchemy, Ruth Evelyn is engaged in the dream and wish of her true passion - writing. Her Para-Psychological Thriller screenplay, The Signature, is moving through the development stage in preparation for production into a feature film. In 2016, she partnered with writing mentor, Robert Conner, to complete two sequels to The Signature and re-weave her first feature-length spec screenplay, Tangled Webs, into a contemporary suspenseful chiller spanning centuries of betrayal, deceit and murder! With each step, Ruth is learning the role of Producer/Writer in collaborative partnership with seasoned entertainment industry Professionals while she continues expanding her stories of our deeper human experience.

Most recently, Ruth Evelyn has completed her ParaPsychological Suspense feature, MoonShadow, a dimensional story set in heart of San Francisco and is developing two new series in her art portfolio - Signature Series Watercolors and Heart Art.



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